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      Supporting Experienced Students 

Learning Center
Reed Library, Fourth Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716)673-3550

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Fredonia believes in its students' ability to excel. They will leave us prepared to think and communicate critically and creatively, to see themselves as self-respecting men and women responsible for the consequences of their choices, engaged with their communities, able to work together with diverse people, and ready to face unpredictable challenges in a rapidly changing world. 
(Excerpt from the SUNY Fredonia Vision Statement)

What do we mean by Experienced Students? 

The Learning Center recognizes that not all SUNY Fredonia students are "traditional" college students:  Not all began their college career right out of high school.  Not all continued straight through as full-time students, graduating in four years.  Not all even began their college at Fredonia.  These experienced students include--

Transfers: Most often transfer students have earned Associate Degrees or wish to complete Bachelors Degrees at SUNY Fredonia.

International: Long before globalization became a popular notion, students from all over the world chose SUNY Fredonia as the place to learn.

Continuing Education: Adult Education, Non-Traditional Students, Part-time Students, Visiting Students, Community Learners. . . Whatever the name, these students have this characteristic in common: a desire to be enrolled in at least one SUNY Fredonia course.

Re-entry: What is it they say about "best laid plans . . ."? Robert Burns may have been talking to a mouse, but we know all kinds of plans can go astray. Some students who leave SUNY Fredonia for one reason or another reapply or reenroll when they are ready to begin again.

Reservists and Veterans: Whether you have postponed college to serve or whether you were called up as a reservist, we are glad you are here at Fredonia.

We think of these Fredonia students as "experienced" students because academic life certainly is not new to them, but every campus has it's own procedures and idiosyncrasies.  If you have questions and don't know where to find answers, come to the Learning Center and speak with a staff member.  We would be happy to help you.  

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