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Transfer Student Experiences: Comparing Their Academic and Social Lives at the Community College and University Source: Davies, Timothy Gray; Casey, Karen. College Student Journal, Mar99, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p60, 12p; (AN 1713843). EBSCO Professional Development Collection

Transfer students reported consistently lower levels of engagement than those who enrolled as freshmen. For instance, 60 percent of those students said they "worked with classmates outside of class to prepare class assignments" often or very often, while only 51 percent of transfer students did so often or very often. And 49 percent of those who enrolled as freshmen talked to professors or advisers about their career plans, while only 36 percent of transfer students did so.

Source: NOTEBOOK, Chronicle of Higher Education, 00095982, 11/22/2002, Vol. 49, Issue 13. Database: MasterFILE Select

Source: Chun-Mei Zhao, George D. Kuh, and Robert M. Carini. Forthcoming 2004. "A Comparison of International Student and American Student Engagement in Effective Educational Practices." The Journal of Higher Education. <>

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