Police Blotter


Date of Incident


Action Taken

Trespass 9/17/14

unknown subject entered dorm room and awoken resident

on-going investigation

Hit/Run 9/16/14

parked vehicle reported damaged in lot 26 by unsub(s)

on-going investigation

Burglary 9/15/14

victim reports items stolen from dorm room

on-going investigation

Poss. of Forged Instrument 9/15/14

student found in possession of forged drivers license

arrest completed

Criminal Mischief/Harassment/Domestic Incident 9/13/14

subject harassed student and smashed cell phone of victim

arrest completed

Underage Poss. of Alcohol 9/13/14

student found in poss. of alcohol being underage

arrest completed

Unlawful Poss. of Marijuana 9/13/14

student found driving w/o headlights with marijuana bong in plain view in back seat

arrest completed

Trespass 9/13/14

student reports a unknown male leaving his dorm room

on-going investigation

Criminal Tampering 9/13/14

unsub(s) damaged fire alarm pull box in dorm

on-going investigation

Petit Larceny 9/12/14

victim reports bikes stolen from Hendrix bike rack

on-going investigation

Disorderly Conduct 9/12/14

resident student was disorderly in Grissom Hall

arrest completed

Grand Larceny 9/11/14

victim reports her wallet stolen from Media Center

on-going investigation

Forgery 9/10/14

Credit Union reports receiving a counterfeit bill

on-going investigation

Burglary 9/9/14

victim reports her clothes being stolen from dorm room

on-going investigation

Criminal Mischief 9/8/14

parked vehicle in lot 30 was damaged by unsub(s)

on-going investigation

Making Graffiti 9/8/14

unsub(s) drew a penis in the Kasling Hall stairwell 

on-going investigation

Harassment 9/8/14

male subject slapped another student in the Dod's Hall fitness center

on-going investigation

Forgery 9/8/14

subject found using a photo copied parking permit in parked vehicle

on-going investigation

Sex Offense 9/7/14

victim reports being coerced into having sex while intoxicated

victim requested report only, no charges

Hit/Run 9/7/14

parked vehicle in lot 26 reported damaged by unsub(s)

on-going investigation

Criminal Mischief 9/7/14

student was found kicking Gregory Hall vending machine causing damage then dispersing fire extinguisher causing fire alarm 

arrest completed

Petit Larceny 9/5/14

construction materials found missing from construction site near new townhouses

on-going investigation

Grand Larceny 9/4/14

contractor reports items missing from townhouse construction site

on-going investigation

Petit Larceny 8/31/14

SUNY Fredonia vinyl banner stolen from Temple St. entrance

inv. led to item returned, referred to Judicial Affairs

ABC Violation 8/31/14

underage subject found in possession of beer on Temple St.

arrest completed

Drug Inv. 8/27/14

report of drug possession in dorm initiated an investigation

on-going investigation

Criminal Poss. of Weapon 8/26/14

a stun gun was found during inventory of found property

student referred to Judicial Affairs

Drugs 8/26/14

custodial staff member found drugs near Gregory Hall

on-going investigation

Disorderly Conduct 8/26/14

male subject smashed lawn chairs in roadway near McGinnies Hall

on-going investigation

Loitering 8/14/14

subjects found skateboarding near New Science Center

warning given

then escorted off campus

Criminal Mischief 8/5/14

large pane window damaged in the Kasling dorm lobby by unsub(s)

on-going investigation

Menacing 8/4/14

while victim being held down by another, a juvenile displayed a knife

report only per request of parent

Hit/Run 7/23/14

victim reports parked vehicle damaged in lot 4 by unsub(s)

on-going investigation

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