Police Blotter

University Police Department (UPD)
Gregory Hall, 2nd Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3333
Fax: (716) 673-3462


Date of Incident


Action Taken

Disorderly Conduct

8/30/15 unsub(s) pulled out the pedestrian sign near Andrews Quad on-going investigation

Disorderly Conduct

8/30/15 subject found pounding on outside door of Nixon Hall attempting to speak with ex-girlfriend arrest completed

Sewer Ord. Violation

8/28/15 student found urinating in lot 9B, later to be found with forged DLIC arrest completed

Leaving the scene of PDO accident

8/27/15 parked vehicle in lot 4 struck by another with suspect vehicle then leaving scene of accident on-going investigation

Petit Larceny

8/26/15 students found wallet had money missing when returned on-going investigation

Underage Poss. of Alcohol

8/24/15 underage student found in possession of alcohol in lot 19A  arrest completed

Falsely Rpt'd Incident

8/23/15 unsub(s) activated emergency blue light phone near Reed with no reason found for activation on-going investigation

Criminal Mischief

8/20/15 padlock cut by unsub(s) for the turf field at University Stadium on-going investigation

Making Graffiti

8/14/15 graffiti found outside of Houghton Hall on-going investigation

Disorderly Conduct

8/14/15 unsub(s) shattered beer bottles outside of amphitheater on-going investigation


8/11/15 light pole outside of Wm Ctr knocked over by construction vehicle restitution to be made by construction company


7/26/15 victim reports parked vehicle in lot 14 was damaged by unsub(s) on-going investigation

Criminal Mischief

7/23/15 window damaged by unsub(s) in Igoe Hall  on-going investigation


7/20/15 marijuana possession outside of Hendrix hall on-going investigation


7/17/15 street sign damaged by unsub(s) at Academic Dr. and Residents's Row on-going investigation 

Domestic Incident

7/16/15 verbal disagreement between ex-boyfriend/girlfriend in lot 7 DIR completed, no charges pressed


7/15/15 victim reports money stolen from dorm room of Gregory Hall on-going investigation

Criminal Mischief

7/13/15 unsub(s) damaged the hand rails outside of Erie Hall on-going investigation

Disorderly Conduct

7/13/15 student group made offensive sculptures throughout the campus on-going investigation

Criminal Mischief

7/10/15 unsub(s) damaged exterior window of Disney hall on-going investigation

Petit Larceny

7/9/15 summer camp participant had money stolen while in University Commons on-going investigation

Making Graffiti

7/1/15 etched graffiti was found on stop sign on Residents' Row at lot 19   on-going investigation

Agg. Harassment

6/27/15 employee being harassed by non-student via phone messages victim seeking order of protection

Agg. Harassment

6/19/15 college employee received several obscene and harassing phone calls on-going investigation

Arrest Warrant executed

6/7/15 non-student was picked up on arrest warrant for Criminal Mischief 4th arrest completed


6/2/15 individuals were trespassing on soccer field subjects warned and escorted off campus

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