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Women's and Gender Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies: Women's & Gender Studies Bachelor of Arts Degree

Dr. Jeffry Iovannone


Office: 258 Fenton Hall

Ellen Scherer

Graduate Assistant 

Office: 171a Fenton Hall
Office Hours: 12-3pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 


Jeanette McVicker Scholarship Application 2015

Women's HERstory Month

Gender and Social Change Lecture 

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Women's and Gender Studies Program

MISSION STATEMENT:  SUNY Fredonia's Women's and Gender Studies Program empowers students to explore gender in theoretical and practical ways, inside and outside of the traditional classroom. This program provides interdisciplinary knowledge and skills enabling students to work for social justice and global change in ways that are meaningful to them.

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"Coming Out" The Documentary Preview 
This short video was completed by Skyler Rutkowski
and Jessie Moriarty.  The full documentary can be
found on the Student Work page.  

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