2014 Gender Conference Submissions


Call for Papers!

 2014 Student Research Conference on Gender

 Wednesday, April 9th, 4PM-6PM


The Women's and Gender Studies Program invites submissions from SUNY Fredonia undergraduate and graduate students for individual research papers and creative projects that explore topics related to gender and women’s studies. A panel of faculty will select winners to present at the conference. Students submitting their work must be willing to present at the conference if selected.


Submission Deadline: March 14th, 2014

Research Project Submission Criteria:

  •  Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit their work, and both paper and visually-based project submissions will be accepted.

  • Accepted paper submissions will demonstrate a critical analysis of primary and secondary sources and/or the presentation of an empirical research project.

  • Visually-based projects (e.g., art projects, web designs, power-point presentations, charts/models, etc.) will demonstrate a critical engagement with (or will exemplify) current research in student’s field and the field of Women’s or Gender Studies.

  • By submitting a project, the student is committing to present at the conference if her/his work is accepted.

 Submission Instructions:

  •  Submit as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) to Dr. Susan McGee at mcgee@fredonia.edu

  • A separate cover sheet with your name, email address, phone number, major/minor, the semester and course the paper/project came from, and the name of the instructor who is overseeing the project

  • 150-250 word abstract and keywords

  • Complete paper

    • If submitting a creative presentation format, include a 2-3 paragraph rationale that explains the content and format of the presentation

Any questions about submissions or the conference may be directed to Dr. Susan McGee at  mcgee@fredonia.edu


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