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This page will updated frequently, as our alumni are immersed in social activism, and take on new challenges on the field.   

Hanna Neumann

WGST Major, Class of 2014

Since graduation, I have been exploring different avenues to pursue my dream in a WGST related job. In a small town that i am from, this has not been an easy task. In the mean time, I have been initiating conversations about topics such as gender, transgender, rape culture, sexism, racism, classism with those around me who are not exposed to feminism. I have had many intellectual conversations with wondering feedback and questions and i have also had harsh and ignorant conversations. These conversations however are enabling me to initiate change in the grassroots of the small town I am in. I am currently waiting to hear back about a job that i would be working with developmentally disabled individuals and I would be able to teach them how to cook. It is a difficult yet exciting journey post graduation and although I have made baby steps at this point, I am no where near the conclusion of spreading feminism and the great things I have learned at Fredonia in the women's and gender studies program.


Gretchen Herb
WGST Major, Class of 2014

Gretchen Herb

This past summer (2014), I worked at an all girls summer camp called Songadeewin in Vermont. I've worked there for 2 summers now and had the opportunity to connect and build the self-esteems of multiple young girls. After summer camp let out I drove across the United States and moved in with some family in Colorado Springs. The month of October I Canvassed for an amazing non-profit organization called The Blue Bench. The organization educates and prevents sexual assault from occurring in the Denver, Metro (Colorado) area. Currently I'm also a Denver Nanny and waiting on a job at a homeless shelter for Teens. I'm hoping to get a position as their direct care counselor at the shelter. I'm also moving to the Denver, Colorado area in the next few weeks. 


Nicole King

WGST Minor, Class of 2013

Nicole King

After graduating from Fredonia with a BA in Theater and a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies, I moved back to Long Island.  I am currently attending Hofstra University for graduate school in the Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies program and am a member to Naspa, or the "Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education." I'm also in a production of Fiddler on the Roof for the 50th anniversary of the musical.

Kayla Patrick
WGST Major, Class of 2013

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Since graduation in May 2013 I began my post-grad life as a member of the NYC Civic Corps, and Americorps program. Through this program I began working at The Lower Eastside Girls Club, a non-profit after school program and community center in the lower eastside of Manhattan. The LESGC is an organization that provides programs in music innovation, STEM, movement, and health and wellness for girls who are of lower socioeconomic status. After ending the program in July 2014, I was hired on at the Girls Club as a full time staff member. Right now I am working on applications to attend nursing school, and continue my education to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. The Women and Gender studies program at Fredonia is 100% the reason I have been able to work with young girls to advance their education and skills, grow social networks, and make lasting memories. The program is also where my passion for midwifery and reproductive rights came to light, and why I am determined to carry out a career that will further the improvement of women's ability to have safe and comfortable pre-natal care, births, and post-partum services.

Check out the Lower Eastside Girls Club!

Angela Barney
WGST Major, Class of 2012

Angela Barney

Since graduating with bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies at SUNY Fredonia, I have had the opportunity to present my study, Out of the Menstrual Closet: Perceptions of Women Who Leak Menstrual Blood at the Society of Menstrual Cycle Research’s biannual conference in Manhattan, NYC, which was an amazing experience! At SMCR’s conference I was awarded the Esther Rome Student Research Award for my presentation. Also, during my attendance at SMCR’s biannual conference I had not just the opportunity to meet with brilliant people and attend some interesting workshops but I was able to attend an award ceremony where Gloria Steinem spoke and received the first ever Making Menstruation Matter Award, presented to her by SMCR. Currently, I am in the process of writing a manuscript in hopes of having my study published.

Also, I have worked as a co-editor to journals such as Psychology Women Quarterly and Women’s Health Journal, were I read, edit, and provide my opinion on whether a manuscript is suitable or ready for publication in the journal.
Additionally, I have had the opportunity to serve as a social media coordinator for SMCR, which involved the creation and handle the day-to-day management of SMCR’s social media sites, including the society's Facebook and Twitter. We have utilized these social media sites to increase the social media presence of the society and spread information regarding SMCR’s mission, members, research, events and membership. I invite you to give them a visit and
learn more about SMCR, our members, their amazing work, and get involved!

My next big adventure is hopefully attending graduate school this January in hopes of pursuing a master’s degree in Social Psychology with a focus on women’s reproductive functions. I plan to continue studying psychosocial and sociocultural influences on women’s reproductive functions and experiences such as menstruation, breastfeeding, and menopause. SUNY Fredonia and my involvement in Women’s Student Union, Vagina Monologues, internship for
SUNY Fredonia’s CEASE program, and participation in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department has continue to influence me throughout my everyday life. I have had some amazing opportunities and moments which I don’t think could have been possible without the foundation of SUNY Fredonia and the amazing people I met during my undergraduate career.

Sarah Clayton

Graduate Assistant



Hi there! Greetings from your grad assistant from the past. I am happy to report that I am teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) in Rochester. I work with K-8th grade students at two different schools. Many of my students are refugees or the children of refugees from Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, Yemen, etc. Majoring in Women's Studies, in addition to English and education had given me a unique perspective and angle as a teacher. I en-courage my students to question stereotypes and gender roles and try to empow-er the girls by supporting their strengths and also developing sensitivity in the boys. I do not tolerate derogatory terms or harassment in my class and use those circumstances as teachable moments. I use conflict resolution strategies that give students the language to solve problems through dialogue. Teaching peace through appreciation of all of our unique cultural and individual contributions helps us to understand each other better and develop consciousness. As we head into March I am very excited to dig deeper into women's rights and the history and current events that shape our present conditions. I hope that the women's and gender studies program Is having a wonderful year and women's history month! Also, I heard great things about the Vagina Monologues as usual. Good luck to you all in your future endeavors and continue raising awareness!

Alyssa Brook-Gay

Women’s Studies Major, Class of 2009



Alyssa Brooke-Gay graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2009 with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and majors in American Studies and English. Upon graduating, Alyssa moved to Phoenix, Arizona to participate in the AmeriCorps program Public Allies, a leadership development program dedicated to transforming the nonprofit sector. Through her participation in this program, Alyssa served as the Food Resources Coordinator for Tempe Community Action Agency, a community benefit agency. During her tenure in this position, Alyssa helped establish the Escalante Community Garden in a food desert in Tempe, Arizona, taught healthy cooking classes, and created and implemented a strategic plan for the organization’s food pantry. After two years working in the nonprofit sector, Alyssa was eager to return to school, and enrolled in the Women’s Studies Department at San Diego State University.   
Alyssa’s primary research interests are: Palestinian female suicide bombers in the media, the interconnections between fat studies and environmental justice, and U.S. popular culture. Alyssa’s book reviews have been published in the Journal of Homosexuality and Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society. Her thesis explores the appropriation of feminism(s) in the hit television show Girls.  She has also taught “Women: Images and Ideas,” an undergraduate Women’s Studies course, at SDSU.

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