Personal thoughts

When I began my research for this site I was overwhelmed to say the least. I did not realize the complexity of the whole. As I naively conceived it, the Women’s Studies department had been a simple progression. I had no understanding of the struggle involved for it to come to fruition. I became conscious of the fact that what I had taken for granted had been almost lost. As I delved deeper into archives accessing materials to be presented, I found myself becoming entrenched in the struggle. What had been preserved and what had not was no longer my only interest.

As I now realize with my journey through this period, I have not only gained a deeper appreciation for a department, which I truly love. I finally comprehend how feminism must look back on it’s past to see where it has come from to reinstate itself into the future, to become what it can be.

sarah brown

-site designer and visual researcher
-Women’s Studies minor

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