Call for papers

Call for Papers

  12th Annual Women’s Studies Program

Research Conference on Gender

Tuesday, April 1

4-6 p.m. at Café G

Submission Deadline: March 3

Research Paper Submission Criteria:

· Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit their work.

· Accepted submissions will demonstrate a critical analysis of primary and secondary sources and/or the presentation of an empirical research project.

· Submissions should be papers from the Spring and Fall 2007 semesters.

By submitting a paper, the student is committing to present at the conference if her or his work is accepted.

Submission Instructions:

· Submit 4 hard copies of entire paper to Prof. Emily E. VanDette, Department of English, 259 Fenton Hall.

· Include a cover sheet with your name, email address, phone number, major/minor, and the semester and course the paper came from.

Deadline for submissions: Monday, March 3.

A Note about a Potential “Works in Progress” Panel:

The conference may include a special panel featuring student works in progress. Students who would like to share current and ongoing research projects from the Spring 2008 semester are encouraged to submit one-page abstracts describing their research topic, methods, and any findings or conclusions they wish to present.

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