Surveillance Testing FAQ

This information explains the student process for surveillance testing.

Not-yet-vaccinated and exempt students must participate in mandatory COVID-19 surveillance testing once a week. Vaccinated individuals will be tested monthly.

An email reminder will be sent out to those required to participate prior to their testing date. This email will include the exact time frame and location for surveillance testing.

Prior to your test, you will need to create a COVID-19 Surveillance Account.

On the registration form, you will be asked questions regarding your personal insurance information as part of the registration process. You can enter “I don't have insurance"  for any insurance questions. The campus will cover all costs for pool testing. You do not need to identify your personal insurance information in the registration form.

Participants should bring their completed test kit (or pick up a new test kit on-site and conduct the self-test there) to the collection point. Participants will scan their FREDCard and recite the barcode from their confirmation email (or the website where participants registered their test). The surveillance test worker will verify the barcode information and take possession of the test kit. The worker will then hand the participant a new test kit, which should be administered and submitted the next time the participant is scheduled for a test..

Anyone being tested must bring their campus ID and personal electronic device, i.e smartphone (a computer will be set up for anyone who does not have a smartphone). Prior to the testing date, all those to be tested should be instructed not to eat or drink anything, including chewing gum, mints or lozenges, within 30 minutes of reporting to the collection site, and should not have brushed their teeth or used mouthwash within the past three hours. In addition, test subjects must abstain from smoking, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco products for 30 minutes prior to the test.

The samples are sent to be assessed at a lab. Positive pools will be further tested by the lab to identify which individual(s) in the pool is/are positive.

Participants will receive an email notifying them that results are available. The email will direct participants how to access the results. Students whose results are positive will also be contacted, by phone, directly by the Student Health Center. Employees will be contacted by the Chautauqua County Health Deprtment

There is no cost for students or employees. 


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