Self-administered pool testing kit instructions

Collection days will be Monday and Tuesday of every week. You must deliver the completed test to the Natatorium lobby in Steele Hall between 9 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Remember NO brushing your teeth for three hours and no eating/drinking/smoking/vaping for 30 minutes before taking the test.

You must take the test on the same day as you are going to drop it off at the Natatorium lobby in Steele Hall.

Saliva method of testing

A. Register the test kit

  1. Click here to log in on the website 
  2. Select "Register a COVID-19 test" 
    Proceed through the question pages until you see the test kit page.
  3. Enter the correct barcode number of your assigned test kit. 
  4. Enter the barcode again, if it matches select “NEXT”
  5. Answer all health questions then select “submit test”

B. Self-administration of test

1. Open package and remove test kit.

pool testing swab instructions

2. Swab 10 times on each side of the lower gum line. 

pool testing instructions

3. Carefully hold the tube upright. Remove cap. Turn cap upside down (cotton swab goes into the tube). Tighten cap.

poll testing instructions

4. Shake the tube back and forth 15 times. 

pool testing instructions

5. Write your full legal name and date of birth on the label. 

pool testing instructions

Collection drop-off

1. Drop off the collected sample on the same day as you take the test. Drop off on Monday or Tuesday between 9:00 am. and 4:00 p.m.

2. Take your test to the Natatorium lobby. 

3. When you drop off the test, have your confirmation email available (or be logged into the website where you register a test kit) to confirm that the correct barcode was entered. Laptops will be available if needed.

4. Scan your FREDcard and drop off your sample.

5. Pick up a test for the next week. These kits should NOT be stored in your car or any place in excess of 77 degrees fahrenheit.

Note: any lost kits could be charged to your student account. Failure to test will result in a referral to Student Conduct or Human Resources.

If you have had a positive COVID-19 test within 90 days, you are exempt from testing. You must continue to test even after you receive a vaccination.

Questions? Problems?

Surveillance testing office phone: (716) 680-6073




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