Summer, 2021 information for employees

updated: June 29, 2021

Fredonia has received specific guidance from SUNY and the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations regarding our return to campus. These guidelines are effective immediately. Please note, however, as with all things related to Covid-19, guidance shared in this communication is subject to change based on the nature of the virus and other factors. Please expect some things to change before fall classes begin.

Workplace Capacity
Workplace capacity is limited only by the space available for individuals to maintain physical distancing based on vaccination status. For fully vaccinated individuals, no physical distancing is required.

Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to maintain physical distance, while unvaccinated/unknown vaccination status individuals need to maintain six feet of physical distance, in accordance with federal CDC guidelines. Instead of six feet of physical distance, appropriate physical barriers may be used so long as they do not present a health or safety hazard.

Workplace Capacity and Distancing discussed above applies to Summer, 2021 only. We expect to receive updates and new guidance related to classrooms before fall classes begin.

Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks indoors or outdoors, while unvaccinated/unknown vaccination status individuals need to wear masks as stipulated by federal CDC guidelines. Unvaccinated/unknown vaccination status individuals may remove their masks indoors while physically distanced, seated and eating/drinking, or while working at their workstation. Also, unvaccinated/unknown vaccination status individuals may remove their masks outdoors, unless they are in a gathering or crowded event where they are unable to maintain six feet of physical distancing.

Ventilation and Air Filtration
Fredonia’s Environmental Health and Safety Office will continue to maintain a safe and compliant work environment, following guidance given to all state agencies and authorities.

Health Screening
Effective immediately, we are discontinuing the required daily wellness screening. We will continue to evaluate our procedures and follow any updated guidelines as we move ahead. We will notify you of any change to this policy which now takes effect. Please continue to self-monitor and ensure you are following recommended health and safety protocols.

Visitor logs are no longer required. Signage will be replaced on all buildings reminding those who enter that unvaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask when entering a building on campus.

Vaccination Status
At this time, proof of vaccination status is not required from employees. However, employees are invited to provide their vaccination information to Human Resources to be exempted from surveillance testing under the current testing guidelines. If you are unsure of the procedure for this, please contact Human Resources

A Reminder
As COVID-19 vaccination levels continue to increase, and state and federal agencies loosen mask-wearing requirements, we want to remind the campus community that nothing in this new guidance should be interpreted as a preclusion to the voluntary use of masks. As masking requirements for vaccinated people phase out, we want to remind our community that students, faculty, staff and campus visitors may continue wearing masks for many reasons. No one should be ridiculed or made uncomfortable because they choose to continue to wear masks. In fact, given what we now know about the effectiveness of mask-wearing against airborne diseases, some individuals choose to wear masks during the regular flu season.