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Employers Hosting Fredonia Interns - Can my intern continue to work?

YES! Interns are expected to continue their work with you, as well as complete their academic work related to their credit bearing internship courses. Work with your intern to shift the experience to a remote or alternative format.

Should your organization deem a closure or believe that remote work would not be an option, please communicate with us! The Career Development Office and our faculty want to collaborate with you to ensure that the intern can complete their work-integrated learning experience and fulfill academic requirements.

When planning a move to remote / alternate work, consider these items with respect to your interns:

  • Will the student be able to fulfill their responsibilities from a remote location?

  • If not, what alternatives or project work might you assign instead?

  • How can you continue to work towards the original goals included in the Learning Contract with this alternative work arrangement? 

  • How will you communicate with your intern electronically (email, phone, video, or other teleconferencing system)?

  • Does your intern have the required technology to complete off-site work (i.e., computer/laptop, Internet access, adequate bandwidth)?

  • How will your intern track hours? (i.e., Excel document, email, shared Google document, Word log)

  • How will you be able to check the quality of the intern’s work (i.e., using a shared cloud-based applications such as Google documents)?

Additional Guidelines for Remote Internships:

  • Internship sites and students agree on detailed project descriptions covering all expectations and outline tasks indicated in their Learning Contract, as well as anticipated completion deadlines.

  • The internship site should consider methods to ensure communication and shared progress reports (i.e., email, Google drive/shared docs, Dropbox, etc.).

  • Site sponsors may also wish to create a system to track hours worked (i.e., Google drive).

  • Regular virtual communication should be planned for reporting, progress, and feedback.

Posting Internship and Job Opportunities:

Employment and internship opportunities can be listed in FREDNetwork powered by Handshake, the CDO’s web-based job posting system. Employers can request a free FREDNetwork account to post a position or email the Career Development Office at and we will list them for you. Questions can be directed to 716-673-3327.


Teacher Education Field Course Update for Continuity of Non Instructional Academic Programming

March 16, 2020

For Current Student Teachers:

Due to the closing of P-12 schools throughout New York State this week, please DO NOT REPORT to your Fourth Quarter Student Teaching Placements until directed by the Office of Field Experiences. 

We are awaiting further guidance from SUNY System and NYSED regarding the minimum number of student teaching days required for graduation and recommendation for certification. Further information regarding the completion of edTPA is also forthcoming. We will communicate with you as soon as we have that additional information.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself and continue to check your email regularly throughout the day. In addition, we ask that you please manage your outgoing voicemail so we can leave a message if we are trying to reach you via telephone. 

For Early Field and Graduate Candidates in Teacher Education:

Early Field and graduate candidates in teacher education will NOT be required to attend (in-person) their Early and/or Structured Field Experiences for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. However, they will be required to complete virtual field assignments in order to complete the clinical hours in their current course(s).  Your field-based course instructor(s) will be in touch with candidates by March 23 with further information regarding their current field-based course(s).

  • To clarify the groups of candidates included, Early Field Experiences consist of courses for pre-service teacher candidates, while Structured Field Experiences are for graduate students who hold initial New York State Certification. 

  • Therefore, in planning for remote assignments for the remainder of the semester, candidates will complete the following course(s) online: 

    • EDU 106

    • EDU 222

    • EDU 251

    • EDU 313

    • EDU 356

    • EDU 567

    • EDU 576

    • EDU 583

    • EDU 628

    • ENED 101

    • MUED 355 

    • MUED 356

    • MUED 450

    • MUED 451

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