Maytum Hall administration building on the Fredonia campus.


Terminations (Resignation or Retirement) Full-time Faculty, Professional & MC

Step 1 - The employee initiates the process via a memo to his/her immediate supervisor (cc: Dean/ Director, VP, President). Written confirmation with specific date required.

Step 2 - The immediate Supervisor notifies the functional VP and Payroll.

Step 3 - The functional VP's secretary prepares a COS to effect the separation, secures the VP's signature, notifies the President's office of the resignation/retirement and routes the COS to Budget, Payroll and HRM for review and approval. HR forwards the COS to the President.

Step 4 - The President approves the COS, and prepares and mails the acceptance letter. The COS is returned to HR for distribution. When possible, the President meets with the employee for an exit interview.

Step 5 - The transaction is entered into HRMS.

Step 6 - HR forwards the e-mail notice of employee separation.

*Employee may apply for Emeritus status, subject to approval by the President.