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The MPS Initiative is our promise to improve the way we print on campus. This will enable the Fredonia to comply with the System-wide Print Resource Use Policy (6902). SUNY System-wide Print Resource Use - Procedure (6903) is another policy we can follow. 

NOTE: The rules do not apply to special use printers. This includes label, barcode, wristband, auto print jobs, wide printers, or 3D printers.

The MPS Task Force has been charged to:

  • Review info and provide ideas
  • Make sure that groups with lots of desktop printers are taken care of first
  • Teach people about the uses of networked printing
  • Train workers to promote better ways to print
  • Increase how much the campus prints (while using the improved ways)
  • Understand total “Fredonia” print total cost ownership and work toward fixing the budget
  • Discuss what is expected and the results to the campus.

Members of the MPS Project Team includes the following faculty, staff, and students:

  • Michel Kouadio - Chief Information Officer 
  • Jeff Woodard - Director of Marketing and Communications 
  • Judy Langworthy - Associate Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Kathy Forster - Director of Residence Life
  • Kerrie Wilkes - Director of Reed Library
  • Ben Hartung - Project Manager and Chief Information Security Officer
  • Mark Mackey - Manager of IT Service Delivery
  • Dave Starrett - Provost and Interim Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Rhonda Gominiak - Administrative Assistant 
  • Sarah Laurie - Director of Environmental Health, Safety, & Sustainability
  • Terry Tzitzis - Director of University Services



  • Print to a Shared Printer
  • Only print job related docs (e.g. SUNY forms, work related forms to approved research, etc.)
  • Printing for yourself is not allowed 
  • Only what is needed (use print preview prior to printing)
  • Only when needed
  • By using the lowest cost printing device and settings available
  • Duplex, single printing default settings
  • Draft, economy, or fast draft mode printing.
  • Use "Shrink to Fit" or "Shrink One Page."
  • Many slides or pages from a slideshow or doc on each page.
  • Remove backgrounds, shading, and graphics that are not needed from print jobs.
  • Avoid printing one page documents (e.g., email and web pages) unless you are told to do so.
  • If the total number of pages exceeds 100, you should send the print job to the campus print shop. If a print shop is not located on your campus, use other ways, such as:
    • Turning the file into a PDF or sending to a shared location;
    • If hard copies are required, the use of a high-speed Printer/Copier/Scanner. An example is the Multi-Functional Device (MFD). This will be the cheapest and efficient way to print.

Teacher's Best Ways in Reducing Print

  • Use FREDLearn or other approved online exam solution
  • Syllabi, Slide Shows, and Handouts - Load into FREDLearn, no printing.
  • Students’ Note Taking –Encourage students to bring their laptops to class.
  • Advisement Notes –Complete online.
  • Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Documents–Bring your laptop to meetings to view these, when possible.

The impact on the planet with our current paper use:

By the end of the 2021 calendar year:

  • Used 171,176.44 gallons of water
  • Produced 21.78 metric tons of CO2
  • Used 93,770.16 KW of electricity
  • Produced 8.72 metric tons of solid waste
  • Destroyed 202.09 trees

ITS Service Center

  • W203 Thompson Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063