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How to Connect a Laptop to a Projector

Photo of projector setup
Follow these instructions for connecting your laptop to an LCD projector.
  1. Setup the projector facing the screen, and plug in the power cord. Set your laptop next to the projector.
  2. Plug one end of VGA cable (shown above) into the COMPUTER 1 IN port on the projector.
  3. Plug the other end of the VGA cable into your laptop's monitor port. If you have a display adapter for your laptop, connect that to the VGA cable before connecting it to your laptop.
  4. Projector turn onTurn on your laptop first. Then turn on the projector by first turning power button to | and then push the top power button.
    The lamp will take a minute to warm up and display.
    If there is a display problem, continue to step 5.
  5. Switch your monitor (click on your laptop type below for details):
    Windows Instructions Macintosh Instructions

    Windows Instructions

    On your laptop, hold down the Fn key FN key and press the display keydisplay key (the F key with the monitor icon) to change your display.

    You may be presented with the option to choose what you want to do:
    Windows display

    After you have set the display mode, you may need to adjust the your laptop's resolution to 1024x768.

    • Right-click on your desktop background and choose Properties or Graphic Properties
      .Windows Properties -or- Windows 7 properties
    • Click on the Settings tab or General Settings and make sure the screen resolution is set to 1024x768.
      Windows Screen Resolution -or- Windows 7 Resolution
    • Click on Apply and then OK.
    • Continue with #6 below.

    Macintosh Instructions

    • Go to Apple menu>System preferences.
    • Select Displays preference, then go to Arrangement tab.
      Mac Displays preference
    • Click on Detect Displays button.
    • Check the Mirror Displays checkbox if you want the same display to appear on the projector.
    • Check Show displays in menu bar, then select 1024x768 under LCD Projector on the menu bar pulldown:
      mac display
    • If 1024x768 is not an option, you will need to choose Display Preferences‚Ķ There will be a pane on your MacBook and a pane on the Projector. Pick the projector pane and set to 1024x768 using the lowest frequency.

  6. If you still do not see a display after following these instructions, check the source on the projector. Below are two different projector button arrangements:

    NEC VT575

    Select COMPUTER 1 input button


    NEC NP500

    Select SOURCE button, use the arrow keys to select COMPUTER 1, then push the ENTER button.

After you are finished with the projector, please push the top power button twice to allow the fan to turn on and cool down before unplugging the power cord.


If the projector is still not projecting your laptop after following the instructions above, check to be sure all connections are plugged in all the way, and then try switching the display once again. If you are still unable to connect, please call x3407 for assistance.