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OER Initiative

Free Your Curriculum: Using Open Education ResourcesAs you may know, SUNY has made a big push to promote OERs this past year. We have been one of the most active campuses in this movement, with many Fredonia faculty redesigning their courses to use free, open educational resources.

OER are any resources available at little or no cost that can be used for teaching, learning, or research. Since Fall 2018, the campus has documented just under $675,000 in textbook savings to students across 301 unique sections of 65 courses, taught by 84 faculty members!

When courses run with OERs, we individualize student learning experiences, while saving students money.  There are many great resources to learn more about OER using the Reed Library's resource guide.

Support for all three initiatives is through our PDC, delivered by our team of PDC faculty, library faculty, teaching faculty, and SUNY. For answers to questions and assistance with the application process, reach out to either: