Standing Governance Committees

The Executive Committee of the Fredonia University Senate

The Executive Committee of the Senate consists of the Chair of the Senate, the Vice Chair, the Faculty Secretary, the Governance Officer, and the SUNY University Senator.  It sets the agenda for the meetings of the Senate and acts on behalf of the Senate when the Senate is not in session.  It meets prior to each Senate meeting with the campus President and Provost.

Current Chair: Michael Scialdone, Computer and Information Sciences

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for policy development and oversight of all academic matters on campus such as curricula and the establishment and scrutiny of procedures for course and program changes.  It recommends programs, program changes, and policies and policy changes to the University Senate.  The Academic Affairs Committee serves as the Senate's liaison to the administration on Academic matters.  The committee also serves as an advisory board for the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who shall be informed of all forthcoming agenda items.

Current Chair: Jennifer Hildebrand, History

Faculty and Professional Affairs Committee

The Faculty and Professional Affairs Committee is responsible for recommending policy on all matters on campus relating to the welfare of the faculty and professional staff except for those matters which contractually are the responsibility of the union representing the faculty and professional staff.  This committee also serves as an advisory board for the President of the University.

Current Chair: Christopher Taverna, Information Technology Services

General Education Committee

The General Education Committee is responsible for the integrity of the General Education Program and its implementation.  It shall receive, consider and approve courses proposed for inclusion in the College Core Curriculum.  It shall also be responsible for recommending to the University Senate any changes to the requirements of the College Core Curriculum.  Further, this committee shall engage in and actively share in assessment of the General Education Program.

Current Co-Chairs: Liz Lee, Visual Arts and New Media; and Mary Beth Sievens, History

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is charged to act as an advisory body to the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and is responsible for overseeing program quality and support Master's degree programs that provide a sound education for graduate students, lead to advanced qualification in the professions and disciplines, and generate new knowledge through the research and publication of its faculty and students.  The Council's primary functions are to approve graduate course additions and deletions, to develop standards for admission, to oversee matriculation and graduation standards, and to recommend new and/or revised graduate programs and policies to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the University Senate.

Current Chair: Kate Levy, Music

Planning and Budget Advisory Committee

The Planning and Budget Committee shall act as an advisory committee to the President upon matters relating to the long-range plans and budget of the University.  The Committee shall assist the President or his/her designees in preparing the annual University budget and shall be consulted regarding all major resource decisions.  The Committee shall initiate and develop goals and long-range plans for the University, as embodied in the University Mission and Vision Statements.  These shall be submitted to the University Senate for consideration.  Confidential matters shall be excluded from the minutes of the Committee.

Current Co-Chairs: Andrew Seigel, Music; and Jonathan Chausovsky, Political Science

Contingent Faculty Affairs Committee (ConFac)

The Contingent Faculty Committee (ConFac) is responsible for recommending policy on all matters on campus relating to contingent academic and professional staff at Fredonia to the appropriate body or bodies.  The Committee gathers information, provides feedback, and plays a liaison role among contingents and Fredonia's various governing bodies and entities.  For the purposes of gathering information and informing the faculty of current policies affecting contingents and their rights and responsibilities, the Committee shall work with departments, schools, colleges, and deans.  For the purpose of participating in and improving shared governance and consultation processes at Fredonia, the Committee shall give feedback when requested and recommend actions and policy to the University Senate Executive Committee.  For the purposes of enforcing the current Agreement between UUP and the State of New York and of improving terms and conditions of employment for contingent faculty, the Committee shall recommend actions and policy to the Executive Board of the Fredonia Chapter of UUP, which has the exclusive authority to bargain collectively on behalf of its membership.  The Committee also serves as an advisory board for the President of the University.

Current Chair:  Rodney Garrison, Music