COVID-19 test results guide

The NYS Department of Health has started providing text notifications* to individuals with positive test results. Additionally, notification to quarantine (as a result of being listed as a direct contact) may also come from the NYS Department of Health via text. 

 Please note that the information that triggers this text message being sent is NOT managed by SUNY Fredonia. Additionally, these results are NOT limited to pool testing results (e.g. may include positive results from a test you took at an urgent care, hospital, pharmacy, or with your primary care provider, etc.). It is quite likely you may receive the text before the campus is notified of any positive pool test results.

 Also, Students and Employees may now log in at https://app.clarifi-covid-19. com/ (the same site used to register the barcode for the on-campus pool test each week) and click from the main screen to view pool test results:

pic of instructions from website

  • “Pending” this is indicated as soon as a tester completes the test and until a result is known - either pooled or individual (reflex);
  • “Presumed Negative” means that all 12 individuals in the pool were negative;
  • “Pooled Positive” indicates that some amount of virus was detected in the pool and subsequently, each of the 12 samples included in the pool will now be individually tested to determine the positive individual in the pool;
  • “Reflex Negative” means your individually run test was negative;
  • “Reflex Positive” means you have tested positive for COVID-19 and should follow the steps outlined below for individuals who have been notified of a positive result.

 If you receive a “Pooled Positive” result, please take extra precautions to protect others in the event that you are the individual who is positive. Wear your mask and maintain social distancing. Avoid gatherings wherever possible.

 Beginning Monday March 29th, Upstate Medical will also be emailing pool testing results to individuals if they are in a positive pool.

 If you receive a text, or any notification of positive results or expectation to quarantine, DURING Normal Business Hours (8am - 4:30pm M-F):

 STUDENTS: contact or 716-673-3131 

EMPLOYEES: contact or 716-673-3434

 If you receive a text, or any notification of positive results or expectation to quarantine, AFTER Normal Business Hours:


  • If you are a residential student, notify the RD on Duty (716-679-8524) immediately
  • If you are a non-residential (off-campus student), send an email to to notify campus of the requirement to isolate/quarantine - please provide your cell number in the email


 See below for an example of the text from the NYS Department of Health.

 NYS Department of Health is contacting _________(Your Name). Your COVID-19 test came back and you tested positive. You should immediately isolate yourself and contact your doctor. Your local health department will be contacting you to find out where you have been or who you came in contact with. Everything is kept confidential, and we will never ask for SSN or financial information.

 You can help us speed up the contact tracing process by starting to think about who you came in contact with 48 hours before your symptoms began or 48 hours before you were tested, if you don't have symptoms. It's important we reach contacts quickly so they can quarantine themselves and get tested. Your name will never be disclosed to your contacts. 

 Click on LINK to add contacts. 

 This link will expire in 48 hours. Replies are not monitored. Text STOP to opt out.

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