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CAS e-Portfolio Guidelines

e-Portfolio Guidelines for CAS in Professional Writing



All post-baccalaureate students seeking the Certificate of Advanced Study in Professional Writing must complete an E-Portfolio, ENGL 591, as part of the requirements for completion. The department believes that students’ conscious reflection upon their learning can help expand their understanding of how they learn and how particular ways of thinking inform the educational process. The portfolio also represents a body of work chosen by the candidate representing the program for professional purposes: to show a prospective employer, for example, or a graduate coordinator for a graduate degree program. One of the goals of the English Department is that all students develop the ability to interrelate their studies and put the curriculum into a perspective relative to their professional aspirations. With this in mind, the English Department has chosen to use portfolios to assess the extent to which this and other goals are achieved.


The intended learning outcomes for the Certificate of Advanced Study in Professional Writing prompt students:


  • To think critically about language and the professional contexts in which it is produced and received

  • To synthesize, evaluate, and apply multiple standards for professional writing and other media


Through classroom learning and a required internship students will also


  • Analyze and evaluate the rhetorical and grammatical choices in a variety of writing venues

  • Create pieces of professional writing that help advance individual and communal relations



Students should utilize the free software available as part of the Google suite of services and use Google Sites as their primary E-portfolio.

  • Templates for using Google Sites can be found here:

  • Guidelines for setting up a Google Sites e-portfolio can be found here:


Please title your E-portfolio with your first and last name, ENGL 591.  Example: Jane Smith, ENGL 591


What to include in the portfolio:

Students shall include in the E-portfolio:


—A paper or digital product from each of the four seminars taken for the CAS in Professional Writing. Note the course number, title and semester on the respective pieces of work.


—A research project completed as part of ENGL 694, Graduate Internship


—An exit paper, minimum 2 pages, addressing the program’s intended learning outcomes above, as the candidate deems them relevant, prompted by the points below:


  • Provide a brief rationale for your selection of the particular pieces representing the four seminars. How do these pieces represent your work in the program?


  • Provide a self-evaluation of the student’s judgment of intellectual and professional growth in the field of professional writing resulting from your program experiences.


  • Discuss the interrelationships among core courses and the internship; to what extent was the program work an integrated post-baccalaureate experience?


  • Any further comment the candidate wishes to make on the nature or success of the program; any suggestions the candidate would like to make about improving the experience.


When to register for ENGL 591, E-Portfolio and other registration notes:

Students should plan to register for the 1-credit E-Portfolio in the final semester in which they will be completing the program coursework. ENGL 591 will be available during the regular spring or fall semesters, summer term, or J-/May-term. This 1-credit experience may NOT be done as a course audit. It will be graded S/U.


The Certificate of Advanced Study will be approved (S grade) only after a complete portfolio is submitted and accepted by the English Department graduate coordinator. The student should make an appointment to discuss the portfolio with the Graduate Coordinator before the last week of the semester (or other term) to ensure that the portfolio is acceptable.


Please address any questions to the current English Department graduate coordinator.

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