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English 100 Waiver: We accept scores of 50 or above on the CLEP College Composition test, 4 or higher on the AP English Lang/Comp and AP English Lit/Comp exams, and 4 or higher on the International Baccalaureate English A1-HL exam, as well as many community college and other college and university courses, as ENGL 100 equivalencies.

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Academic Programs in English


Each of the following links to the full list of required courses to complete each degree program:

  • English: Bachelor of Arts combines required foundational courses with a wide range of options among skills- and content-based course categories in order to open pathways for every student to gain the most from the major and our faculty. Internships and other applied learning opportunities in English-related fields help our students turn those pathways into careers.
  • English - Adolescence Education: Bachelor of Arts combines required foundational courses in pedagogy and literature and a plethora of field experiences in order to open pathways for all students to develop the ideas and practices that will make them effective in the classrooms of an increasingly complex and diverse society.
  • B.A./M.A in English Adolescence Education leads to initial 7-12 certification and eligibility for professional certification (after meeting New York State requirements for classroom teaching experience following completion of the program), allowing students to earn both their B.A. and M.A. in English Adolescence Education in five years, rather than the six required in traditional B.A. and M.A. programs. Through courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level, this program offers a solid content background in English, a wide range of courses focused on teaching secondary English, field experiences in secondary schools, and a graduate-level student teaching experience. Graduates of this clinically-rich combined B.A./M.A. will be fully prepared to teach in the secondary schools.
  • English: Minor gives students maximum flexibility to explore the department’s range of offerings in American literature, creative and persuasive writing, drama, English Education, film, linguistics, literary theory, popular culture, ethnic and gender studies, and world literature.
  • Professional Writing: Minor empowers students from an array of disciplines to write effective, professional prose for a variety of audiences, contexts, and purposes.
  • Creative Writing: Minor offers talented fiction writers and poets a crucial opportunity to develop their voice and hone their craft through a series of increasingly rigorous workshop experiences taught by our award-winning writers.



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