Student Spotlight

Alejandra Gonzales: Driven

By Emma Patterson

Alejandra Gonzales


Alejandra Gonzalez is no rookie when it comes to conquering a challenge. She started at Fredonia last year as a sophomore transfer student with a clear idea of what she wanted and how she was going to get it: with a double major in political science and English, she knew that combining these majors would prove to future law schools that she can argue a point in a clear, concise way, all the while maintaining a controlled tone and professional demeanor. Alejandra knew that the English major would round out her political science background and give her the edge she needs in the competitive world of the courtroom.

Given her background in political science and English, it’s no surprise that Alejandra is as ambitious as they come. Her philosophy, she claims, is to always strive for more, whether she’s in the classroom or the courtroom. She believes that giving up is never an option, and enjoys having a full plate overflowing with diverse activities and competitive pursuits.

Indeed, Alejandra spends a majority of her time practicing for her future days in court by being an all-around superstar on Fredonia’s mock trial team. In fact, the mock trial team—which sounds more like a competitive sport than something that takes place in a fictional courtroom—is one of the main reasons she chose to transfer to Fredonia.

With its time consuming practices—two hour practices twice a week, not to mention the group work team members do outside of practice—it’s safe to say that Alejandra knows what it means to persevere. The key to thriving on such a competitive team? Remaining humble. “You can’t stop after a loss,” she says. “You have to take a loss as a sign of what to work on.” Her favorite part about mock trial is “the travelling and the competition itself,” she says. “After all that practicing, it’s the best finding out how we stack up against the other teams.”

Despite Alejandra’s dedication to mock trial, she knows as a member of the English major how important it is to branch out into other activities. As a student representative for Latinos Unidos, she also gets to witness the inner workings of student government, as well as stay in the loop when it comes to campus events. Staying in the loop is especially important considering her role as a mentor in the Fred Leads student mentoring program. Guiding freshmen through their first semester of college has been a learning experience for her, as well. “There are so many awesome clubs I didn’t even know existed!” she says.

When Alejandra isn’t killing it in the courtroom or helping out her fellow students, she’s playing Magic: The Gathering, which she describes as “the OG trading card game.” Known largely as the most complex trading card game ever, Alejandra certainly knows how to balance competition and fun in her life.

When it comes to any students thinking about joining the English major, Alejandra has one piece of advice: “Take Contemporary American Literature with Dr. Jarvis!” she says. “My priority in the classroom is feeling engaged and challenged, and this class made me want to seek out even more work by the authors we read after the semester ended.”

No student likes being asked what their plan for the future is, but Alejandra (fitting to her determined personality) knew exactly what to say. “My goal with my degree is to become a productive citizen in society,” she says. Her political science and English majors all amount to one goal: to doing some good in the world. In the end, we should all take a leaf from Alejandra’s book!

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