Film Studies

Dr. Shannon McRae, Coordinator
257 Fenton Hall
(716) 673-3848

Film is fundamentally a medium of expression and communication that may be used to examine and study human knowledge and exploration in a wide variety of fields. A film may have predominantly literary content or may be predominantly historical, political, or cultural. A film may be highly impressionistic and be primarily an abstract, aesthetic work. Film is more than a century old, and it is an increasingly popular form of entertainment and cultural influence in the world. It is also a medium capable of serious artistic expression and scholarly analysis. The departments of Communication, English, World Languages and Cultures, History, Politics and International Affairs, and Visual Arts and New Media and the Women's Studies and Film Studies programs offer courses regularly that treat film as a communication medium, an artistic medium, an historical or political document, or a reflection of culture. In any given semester, as many as 200 students may be enrolled in courses in which film is the major vehicle for study.

The goals of the Film Studies minor are to develop a variety of approaches to understanding the role of film as a medium of expression and communication and the kinds of content with which a film might be concerned, to acquaint students with landmarks in the history of film and to recognize and challenge the grounds on which landmark status has been recognized.

Major/Minor Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Programs

Requirements for the Minor in the Film Studies Program

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