Dr. Rebecca Thompson

  Dr. Rebecca Thompson, Ph.D.

Dr. Rebecca Thompson, Ph.D.

Adjunct Lecturer

Fenton Hall Fenton Hall

(716) 673-3380

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Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas


Teaching Interests

Authentic assessment in in-person and online modalities; designing Open Educational Resources (OERs); teaching French to heritage speakers

Research Interests

War and political literature; the Holocaust and anti-Semitism in France; Résistancialisme and war memory; Québécois literature

Current Research

  • Foucault and Panopticisms
  • Vichy France, Occupation, and collaboration

Professional Membership

  • American Association of Teachers of French
  • New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers

Intellectual Contributions

  • ""Little Wet-Paint Girl: Excerpts from Ouanessa Younsi's 'Métissée'"," Modern Poetry in Translation (2020).
  • "Emmanuel Levinas in the Works of Elie Wiesel," Milin Havivin (2016).
  • "Three Poems by Larisa Emilyanovna Miller," metamorphoses (2015).

Intellectual Property

  • Metamorphoses: a journal of literary translation, 2016: Five College Faculty Seminar on Literary Translation. “Three Poems by Larisa Emilyanovna Miller”. Copyright (N/A).
  • Modern Poetry in Translation, “The World for a Moment,” Summer 2020. “Excerpts from Ouanessa Younsi’s Métissée”. Copyright (N/A).


  • "Jeannot chez les Nazis: The Vivisection of Urban Spaces in the Journal of a WWII Déporté du Travail," 118th Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference (2021).
  • "Looking East from the Center: Foucaultian Power Relations and Soviet-Yiddish Literature," Conference on Cultural Migrations (2021).
  • "The Holocaust Writing of Dovid Bergelson," 48th Annual Scholars’ Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches (2018).
  • "Journalistic Attitudes Towards Immigration in the French Republic: A Case Study," 38th Annual European Studies Conference (2013).