Additional Requirements

Additional Requirements and Policies of the Department

In addition to the coursework required in each degree program, the department has several review procedures used to assess the development of each student in the BFA programs. Also, the department has several policies and procedures governing such things as use of rehearsal space, props, furniture, and attendance. To view a complete listing of all the department's policies and procedures, please click on the link to download a PDF version of the Student Handbook.


  1. All students undergo an assessment process within each degree program to evaluate their progress. Please see the page on assessment for complete information.
  2. Students who are on academic probation will not be permitted to perform for public performances in departmental productions nor will major crew assignments be permitted.
  3. All majors and minors are required to complete Theatre and Dance Production obligations. These are practical extensions of the classroom and vary in accordance with the specific programs. TDP credit will not count toward the total number of credit hours required in the B.F.A. Musical Theatre major.
  4. All departmental majors must successfully complete a minimum of 30 upper-level (300 and above) hours and appropriate supporting courses as determined by faculty advisement.
  5. B.F.A. Acting and Musical Theatre candidates are required to audition for ALL Theatre Mainstage productions. Musical Theatre candidates are encouraged, but not required, to audition for the School of Music Hillman Opera. B.F.A. Dance majors are required to audition for the Fredonia Ensemble Dance Concert.
  6. Transfer students in the B.A. Degree program must complete at least 60% (27 credits) of their major at Fredonia.
  7. Students who have auditioned for a B.F.A. program and have been rejected may, at the discretion of the chair, re-audition for either BFA performance program one additional time.
  8. The Department of Theatre and Dance follows the university’s established policy of zero tolerance toward the use of alcohol and drugs. It is the belief of the department that alcohol and drugs have a detrimental and potentially dangerous effect on all phases of the artistic process, and their use is therefore prohibited in the hours immediately before or during theatre and dance classes, rehearsals, work calls, and performances sponsored or supervised by the Department or its faculty and staff. Students suspected of a violation will be temporarily removed from classes, rehearsals, or production assignments pending the outcome of a hearing supervised by the Office of Student Affairs


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