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Resources for Moving Remote

Resources for Moving Remote

As a first step to moving your course to a remote format, please contact your students via email and let them know that you will be holding class at its regularly scheduled time via Zoom, and that the Zoom link is available in OnCourse. During the first Zoom session, check-in with your students, discuss your expectations, and let them know that you plan on meeting via Zoom for each class time. As part of your communication with students, clarify how assessment will continue in your class, and reinforce that the pass/fail option offered this past spring will not be available. This webpage provides information on setting up and using Zoom, collecting assignments, and managing asynchronous online discussions. 

Please contact with any questions you may have. 



Meeting Remotely with Students

If the course being moved Remote was scheduled as A/B or A/B/C, continue to use the links created for Zoom and ask all students to join remotely at each of the scheduled course times. Communicate the change in schedule to the students through the OnCourse News Forum.

If the course being moved Remote was scheduled as face-to-face, create a Zoom link in OnCourse for all students to join you remotely during the scheduled meeting time. Directions for adding Zoom to OnCourse is available in Answers along with a video tutorial demonstrating the steps. 

For best practices and suggestions on using Zoom, a workshop was recently recorded where faculty discuss how best to use Zoom remotely.


Collecting Assignments from Students

Collecting papers, brief statements, and images along with other files types can be done using the Assignment tool in OnCourse. By adding an Assignment drop box for each item you are collecting you will be able to gather and grade all student submissions in a single place. Directions for adding an Assignment dropbox are available in Answers. A past workshop on using Assignment was recorded and is available for viewing.

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Asynchronous Discussions

To facilitate asynchronous discussions OnCourse offers two types of discussion boards. They offer similar tools, but Open Forum offers an extra tool for grading. A recorded workshop comparing Open Forum and Forum is available. Directions for creating an Open Forum are available in Answers as well as directions for using Open Grader to grade these discussions. The second type of discussion board is a Forum and allows for grading using ratings. Two notes:

  1. You do not have to grade discussions; by default the grading portion is turned off. 

  2. There is an option in both types of discussion boards called Q and A Forum. In this forum type students must first post their perspectives before viewing other students' posts. Once a student has posted, all other posts appear and replies can be made. 

  3. Consider how many students you have in the course, you may want to split them into groups for discussions. OnCourse Groups can be used to control posting or you might have only half of the students respond in one forum, and the other half respond to a different prompt at a different time. In the directions of the discussion outline the desired length of the post and give examples of appropriate responses.  


Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

If you planned to use face-to-face assessments, the Quiz tool in OnCourse can be used to conduct quizzes and exams digitally within OnCourse.  A technique for designing questions called Authentic Assessment, coupled with careful use of the Quiz settings, can reduce or eliminate many of common concerns about cheating in online exams.  A past workshop on Authentic Assessment was recorded and is available for viewing.

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