Student Research and Creativity Exposition slated for April 28

18th Annual

2016 Student Research & Creativity Exposition

April 28, 2016

1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Williams Center

Please go to the Call for Proposals page for more information about the student expo.


Mission Statement for the Office of Student Creative Activity and Research

The mission of the Office of Student Creative Activity and Research is to promote and support student scholarly activity and creative work across the Fredonia campus. Such an endeavor is integral to the teaching and learning experience. It provides an opportunity for students to become closely affiliated with a faculty mentor and to develop skills and knowledge that will benefit them in the future. Clearly, both students and faculty benefit from such activity, and therefore it is important that the institution make a concerted effort to promote such collaborations.

Student Creative Activity and Research Committee:

Ziya Arnavut, Computer and Information Sciences

Paul Benson, Office of Sponsored Programs

Jack Croxton, Director, Office of Student Creative Activity and Research

Jennifer Dyck, Psychology

Tracy Horth, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Megan Kane, Graduate Student Representative

David Kinkela, History

Robyn Reger, Provost's Office and School of Business

Carol Smith, Communication

Susan Strum, College of Education

Charlene Tackas, Undergraduate Representative

Jonathan Titus, Biology

Peter Tucker, Visual Arts and New Media

Ivani Vassoler-Froelich, Politics and International Affairs

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