Belize Service Project - J-Term

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Belize program is suspended. Please consider your application for J-Term 2022.


Belize Service Project

Course Number:  INED 499.01 - Belize Service Project

Course Description:  Fredonia Friends Across Borders (FAB) volunteers are enrolled in various degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of the members will travel to Belize, Central America to work with students and teachers in our partner schools in Belize City. Throughout the year, FAB members collect donations of school and playground supplies that are needed at our partner schools in Belize. FAB also donates supplies to the Scouts of Belize. School supply drives and fundraisers are held from August through May. Those members who will travel to Belize in January plan lessons and make classroom supplies to share with their cooperating teachers. Through this service learning project, students are able to reach out to both adults and children showing them that people in the United States really do care. The school supplies and playground supplies that are donated are just a reminder of the joy that students share with the people of Belize.

Program Type: Faculty-Led

Instructor: Kate Mahoney, April Walters - College of Education

Credits: 1 Undergraduate 

Language of Instruction: English

Housing: Hotel 

Course Dates: January 

Eligible Participants: Students in good academic standing. Must be enrolled in the fall semester course that coincides with this travel component.  

$150 Deposit Due: May 31 prior to the program running

Course Fee Payment Due Date: November prior to the program running

Cost: 2020 Student Budget 
(New budgets are generally available in the summer prior to the program running.)

Applying:  Applications are due April 19.  Submit an application and a copy of your transcripts to the Office of International Education.


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