Community Members

Fredonia sponsors a number of faculty led courses abroad during J-Term (January) and Summer.  Some of these courses are open to community members (non-matriculated students) who would like to participate, but who do not need academic credit.  In the past we have had Fredonia community members, former SUNY faculty, SUNY staff, and family members of students join us abroad.  While community members are not expected to complete course work, they get insight into the country they are exploring through Fredonia faculty lectures. In lieu of tuition, there is a community member fee in addition to the course fee. Please contact the Office of International Education for further details. 

Please note that students seeking a degree at any university (full, or part-time) are NOT eligible to take Fredonia faculty led courses for zero credit. However, students may audit a travel course. Currently, we offer one travel course on campus: Stratford: Page & Stage. These courses are taught on campus and involve an international travel experience. Students taking either of these for credit will be billed for the fees associated with travel directly through Student Accounts. If you are interested in participating with the course and travel experience as an auditor, please contact the Office of International Education for additional details.