Literary London - Summer

Due to COVID restrictions, this program is suspended. Please consider your application for Summer 2022 or later.

Literary London

Fredonia's Literary London program offers six undergraduate or graduate credits through two fantastic courses tailored to the urban streets and idyllic countryside around one of the world's most intriguing cities.  Students are immersed in central London for 17 days as they explore the city's literary attractions.  Daily excursions bring the course material to life.  Besides various urban adventures, students will this year visit Avebury Henge (bigger than Stonehenge!), Parliament's House of Commons, and the Royal Naval Observatory and Planetarium at Greenwich.  Most evenings and a couple of days are open for students to plan their own experiences in London and beyond.

Courses may count within the English major (Mapping and Migration = Literature and Identity; Liquid History = Elective) and as university Upper-Level courses, for a total of six credit hours.  This summer's courses (3 credits each):

Liquid History:  The River Thames in English Literature

David Kaplin, Associate Professor

More than 90,000 objects recovered from the Thames and its foreshore currently reside in the collection of the Museum of London. For centuries, the river has offered up many of London's secrets, and it has also offered unique inspiration to writers of fiction and poetry.  In this course, we will explore depictions of the River Thames in the works of Charles Dickens, Daniel Defoe, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as mystery novels set on the Thames by Sharon Bolton and Elizabeth George.  How does each writer envision the geophysical and metaphorical significance of this venerable waterway, and how does its function vary from author to author?  In addition, we will study historical and contemporary documents recounting the development of the river and its importance to the city's economy, from the age of Londinium to today.  We will spend lots of time on the Thames and the shore-sites related to our readings, including boat cruises to Kew Gardens and the Royal Observatory and Naval Museum in Greenwich, and a barge ride through the Regent's Canal from Little Venice to Camden Lock.

Mapping and Migration: Imagining Englishness

Jeanette McVicker, Professor

Students will explore London’s historical and spatial landscapes through the work of classic and contemporary writers imagining its role through multicultural perspectives. From ancient stone circles to Roman Londinium, the east end docks to posh neighborhoods, the Underground, to Kew Gardens, we will explore London with East Asian and Caribbean writers narrating the migrant/refugee experience as well as native Londoners’ perceptions of Englishness. Daily excursions in and around London connect and expand upon the readings to offer students a multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary immersion in this vibrant, historical landmark city and its richly diverse literary and cultural heritage.

Housing: Student apartments with kitchens and bathrooms

Program Type: Faculty-Led

Course Dates: TBD

Eligible Participants: Students in good academic standing and community members are welcome to apply.

Application Deadline: February prior to the program running

$150 Deposit Deadline: March prior to the program running

Course Fee Deadline: April prior to the program running

Cost: Student Budget Coming Soon!
(New budgets are generally made available in January prior to the program running.)

Application: Submit an application, one faculty reference (included in application) and a copy of your transcripts to the Office of International Education.


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