Literary London - Summer

Literary London

Fredonia's Literary London program offers six undergraduate or graduate credits through two fantastic courses tailored to the urban streets and idyllic countryside around one of the world's most intriguing cities.  Students are immersed in central London for 17 days as they explore the city's literary attractions.  Daily excursions bring the course material to life.  Besides various urban adventures, students will this year visit Oxford, Avebury Henge (bigger than Stonehenge!), and the Royal Naval Observatory and Planetarium at Greenwich.  Most evenings and a few days are open for students to plan their own experiences in London and beyond.

Courses may count within the English major (Dickens - Author; Travel Writing - Rehtorical Writing) or as university Upper-Level courses, for a total of six credit hours.  This summer's courses (3 credits each):

Dickens and His City

David Kaplin, Associate Professor

"What inexhaustible food for speculation do the streets of London afford!" exclaims the Dickens's Sketches by Boz.  Indeed, Dickens knew every inch of every street of Victorian London because he walked them -- night and day -- for hours at a time, taking in the details of daily life from every social class and every neighborhood.  Our course retraces some of Dickens's steps, investigating extant and transformed sites from his life and works, especially Bleak House and his Sketches.  Informed by Alexander Welsh's The City of Dickens, F.S. Schwarzbach's Dickens and the City, and Jeremy Tambling's Going Astray: Dickens and London, we will explore London through the eyes of Dickens's characters to see how Victorian urbanization influences the goals, techniques, and politics of Dickensian realism.  Specific excursions include his house in Bloomsbury, Greenwich Observatory, and the enormous and gorgeous Victoria & Albert Museum, where we can see and turn the pages of Dickens’s original manuscript of Bleak House.

Travel Writing

Susan Spangler, Associate Professor

Travel Writing combines travel with real-world travel writing experiences, the kind of writing in demand in national publications, whether in print or online. While exploring neighborhoods, sites, and urban features of London, Oxfrod, and the English countryside, students will study the conventions of travel writing in different forms and practice writing a variety of travel pieces for publication.  In a writing workshop, students will use their travel experiences abroad in Literary London to collaboratively and individually produce travel guides for specific audiences of their choice.  Specifici excursions will include the London Eye (for a bird's eye view of the city), legendary Highgate Cemetary, and some of the city's many greenspaces.

Please contact David Kaplin or Susan Spangler for additional information. 

Housing:Residence halls and hotels

Program Type: Faculty-Led

Course Dates: June prior to the program running

Eligible Participants: Students in good academic standing and community members are welcome to apply.

Application Deadline: February prior to the program running

$150 Deposit Deadline: March prior to the program running

Course Fee Deadline: April prior to the program running

Cost: Student Budget Coming Soon!
(New budgets are generally made available in Januray prior to the program running.)

Application: Submit an application, one faculty reference (included in application) and a copy of your transcripts to the Office of International Education.


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