Magical Iceland

Magical Iceland

This 3-credit, interdisciplinary course is designed to introduce students to the unique geology, culture, and history of Iceland.  Students will attend lectures and have numerous experiential learning opportunities.   Students will also get to explore the cultural life of the capital city of Reykjavik, a thriving center of art, music, and more as well as the natural beauty of this unique island.

Program Powerpoint: Iceland 2019 Powerpoint

Faculty Leader: Iclal Vanwesenbeeck, Associate Professor

Housing: Hotels

Program Type: Faculty-Led

Course Dates: May 18 - 30, 2020

Eligible Participants: Students in good academic standing and community members are welcome to apply.

Application Deadline: February prior to the program running

$150 Deposit Deadline: March prior to the program running

Course Fee Deadline: March prior to the program running

Cost: New budget coming soon!
(New budgets are generally made available in Januray prior to the program running.)

Application: Submit an application, one faculty reference (included in application) and a copy of your transcripts to the Office of International Education.


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