Keeping Your Study Abroad Experience Alive

Welcome back study abroad returnees!  As you begin to deconstruct your incredible study abroad experience, you may find yourself feeling mixed emotions: you may be glad to see family and friends, but find yourself longing for those you came to know abroad; you may feel relieved to be back in the US, but find yourself overwhelmed by the new ways you see your home.  You are likely going through different stages of re-entry and may even be feeling reverse culture shock.  Our office works hard to make sure that returning study abroad students can re-acclimate to campus while also providing opportunities to deconstruct their experience abroad.

The best way for returned study abroad students to deconstruct their study abroad experience and deal with reverse culture shock is to work to keep their experience alive.

Keeping Your Study Abroad Experience Alive

For many students, their study abroad experience gets pushed aside upon their return home.  OIE offers a number of different opportunities to help students promote global education at Fredonia and keep their study abroad experience alive.  We encourage students to take part in as many of these activities as they can:

Study Abroad Ambassadors: Study Abroad Ambassadors promote international education on Fredonia's campus through classroom visits, panel presentations, Open Houses, and other events.  Additionally, Ambassadors work together to deconstruct their experiences abroad.  Ambassadors are required to participate in monthly meetings, service projects, and social programs as part of the program.  This is a great resume builder and a fantastic way for returned students to discuss their time abroad.

Study Abroad Lunchbox Sessions: Lunchbox sessions are monthly presentations on student experiences abroad.  Student presenters discuss everything from pre-departure to re-entry with the campus community.  No matter what SUNY program you studied on, OIE is eager to have students present their experiences as a means to help future students prepare for their time abroad.

Global Student Ambassadors: GSAs help the International Student Services office prepare international students for their studies at Fredonia.  GSAs volunteer at international student orientation in August and January and also act as mentors for international students.  Being a GSA is a great way to connect with other globally-minded students at Fredonia!

International Coffee Hour: Join the Fredonia community for free coffee in the Global Connections Lounge (Williams Center S226) each Wednesday at 4:00 PM.

International Education Week: Every year, the Fredonia community celebrates International Education Week by hosting events that highlight our campus' diverse interests and talents.  International Education Week usually falls in mid-November, so be on the lookout for events in the fall!