Study Abroad Ambassadors

Have you returned from a positive and impactful experience abroad and want to know how to share your experiences?  Are you interested in the field of international education?  Would you like to meet other students at Fredonia who share your interest in study abroad?  Become a Study Abroad Ambassador!

The Study Abroad Ambassador program aims to give study abroad returnees an outlet to share their experience while also promoting study abroad on Fredonia's campus.  Ambassadors are engaged in recruitment, volunteer, and professional development opportunities aimed at highlighting their interest in global education.  Ambassadors gain valuable communication and leadership skills while also having the opportunity to reflect on their own study abroad experience.

What Do Ambassadors Do?

  • Organize and facilitate classroom presentations where they share stories from their study abroad experience
  • Participate in panel or individual presentations on their study abroad location, culture, or identity abroad
  • Attend Open Houses and Accepted Students' Day to share study abroad opportunities with prospective Fredonia students
  • Work with OIE to raise awareness of study abroad opportunities among classmates and peers
  • Attend monthly meetings and social/volunteer programs to get to know your cohort of Ambassadors

What Are the Benefits of Being an Ambassador?  

  • Sharing your study abroad experience on campus and continuing to reflect on its transformational impact
  • Influencing the knowledge of and interest in study abroad on Fredonia's campus
  • Getting to know other students who share your passion for study abroad
  • Learning more about the field of international education and finding ways to engage your passion for global education in your local community
  • Opportunity to grow your resume and participate in professional development sessions

How Do I Apply?

Interested students may apply to the program online by using the link below. Following acceptance into the program, students will attend a mandatory training session early in the semester. 

Application Deadline: January 30, 2021

Apply to Be a Study Abroad Ambassador


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