Virtual Global Learning Opportunities

The Office of International Education is offering several virtual study abroad experiences for 2021. Information on each of these programs is outlined below. Please contact us at or 716-673-3451 if you are interested.

Insight Global Education Virtual Internships

The Global Remote Internship Program provides students with flexible opportunities to gain practical skills, industry connections, and international experience through project-based learning without leaving home. Participants will earn 3.0 credit hours for completion of an internship and have the option of taking a 3.0 credit academic course for an additional fee.

Program cost:

  • 3.0 credit internship only: $1,550 + tuition at home campus
  • 3.0 credit internship + 3.0 credit academic course: $1,850 + tuition at home campus

SUNY Global Commons

The SUNY COIL Global Commons program is a six-week, six-credit (undergraduate credit) program open to any student, from any higher education institution. Students are enrolled in two, 3-credit courses that culminate in storytelling projects completed in small groups in partnership with a community based non-governmental organization.

Program cost:

  • 6.0 credits of tuition + $250 deposit

COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)

COIL is a great way to internationalize an existing course. A typical COIL model involves faculty members in different countries who connect students in their classes through a learning outcome or specific project. While the interactions might be asynchronous or in real-time depending on the time zones and pedagogical designs, an important component is that students are engaged in a global learning experience directly through interactions with others. A COIL project could be as simple as a short project, or with more intensive design and collaboration, could involve the full length of the course. If you are interested in finding a COIL partner, contact the OIE and we can help you locate a someone with similar goals.  Please include some details about the course you are interested in COILing by letting us know the course name, level, and description, your ideal or expected length of time for COIL activity, specific language or country you hope to work with, and the learning outcome(s) you've identified for the COIL experience. If you already have a specific project idea in mind, please include that information as well. 

Are you already working COIL activities into your courses? OIE would love to hear your story and include your program among faculty COIL success stories. 

Virtual Study Abroad

In the context of COVID-19 and the impact on the ability to safely travel, OIE has noticed a wide variety of virtual study abroad options available from partners and other providers. While this idea is still in development,  a virtual study abroad program is intentionally designed to immerse a participant in another region and culture as a significant part of the course. Since authentic interactions with others is an important part of study abroad, a virtual study abroad program would likely include some kind of COIL component. OIE wants to support as many global learning opportunities as possible, and if you have a course in mind that you think would be a good fit for a virtual study abroad option, please contact us to discuss how to apply this designation.


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