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Destination to a Dream FAQ


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What is “Destination to a Dream?”

  • Destination to a Dream” (D2D) is a joint admissions program between Jamestown Community College and the State University of New York at Fredonia geared towards increasing success for students entering JCC and transferring on to Fredonia for completion of both the Associates and Baccalaureate degree.

Who is “Destination to a Dream” for?

  • “Destination to a Dream” (D2D) is for students who are interested in graduating from Fredonia but may not have the academic preparation to be admitted to Fredonia directly. Students from all academic backgrounds who choose not to take the SAT/ACT can be considered for the D2D program.

Where can I live?

  • Students enrolling in D2D can reside on Fredonia’s campus, at JCC’s main campus in Jamestown, or potentially live at home (in the case of local students).   Please be aware that your major may influence your residential options. Students must maintain full-time academic status (12 credit hours or more) while living on campus.

What courses will transfer?

  • The D2D program is designed to provide academic advising for both your time at JCC and Fredonia simultaneously. Because of this, we will be recommending courses that will transfer. For students who complete the associate's degree  (AA or AS), 60 credit hours will transfer guaranteed. Students will have to remain in good standing at JCC to transfer and have above a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Programs that require higher GPA’s are 2.5 for Social Work, 2.75 for Communication, 3.0 for Education and Communication Disorders.

What if I receive college credit in high school, will it transfer into this program?

  • Certainly, in most cases, college credit you received in high school would be applied toward your degree.  If you plan on transferring college credit, you should discuss this with the advising coordinator during your advising session.

Am I a Fredonia student or a JCC student?

  • Essentially you are both. D2D students are enrolled at Jamestown Community College but have all the benefits of being a Fredonia student at the same time.

What happens if I get sick on campus?

  • A D2D student has full access to the health services available at the school in which they reside.  A D2D student who is living on Fredonia's campus is able to receive full services at Fredonia Counseling Center or Fredonia Health Center.  

How does my meal plan work?

  • Students living at Fredonia are required to have a meal plan while living on campus. The cost of the meal plan will be included in your tuition bill.  Students may use their Fredonia meal plan to purchase food in the JCC North County Center bookstore.

What Clubs/Organizations can I participate in?

  • As a D2D student, you are able to participate in clubs and activities at both campuses.

Can I play a sport at Fredonia while I start at JCC?

  • Unfortunately not. Due to NCAA and NJCAA regulations, you are only eligible to play at the campus you are enrolled. For example,  if you want to play a collegiate sport at JCC, you would need to either commute from home or live on JCC’s campus.

Can I have a car on campus?

  • Yes, you can have a car on both campuses.

Do I need a car to get between campuses?

  • No, transportation will be provided between Fredonia and the JCC North County Center. If a student is residing locally (not on Fredonia’s campus), they would need to arrange their own transportation to campus. If a student is living at JCC in Jamestown, transportation isn’t provided daily to Fredonia. However, transportation will be arranged for larger events.

How many credits do I need to take at JCC each semester?

  • The D2D program is designed to have students complete 15 credits each semester.


How do I enroll in Destination to a Dream?

  • Students who are admitted into D2D are not required to pay an academic deposit.  Students indicate they are interested in enrolling by submitting the Records Release Form sent with their acceptance letter.   Once received, D2D students will be notified by JCC of the next steps necessary to complete their enrollment.


Will I get a Fredonia ID or JCC ID card?

  • You will be issued a Fredonia ID card and a JCC ID card so you can take advantage of opportunities and resources on both campuses.  Students participating in D2D are not eligible to sign-up for the Fredonia Debit account at this time.  Those interested in this account can contact the FSA Office directly for more information, and advance payment separate from your bill would be required.


How does my financial aid work as an incoming D2D student?

  • D2D students are enrolling at JCC.  You will complete your financial aid through JCC and will be asked to update the following applications to include JCC's school codes. 
  • FAFSA Application -  list JCC’s six-digit federal school code (002869) within the FAFSA.
  • TAP Application - list JCC’s four-digit TAP school code (2085) within the TAP application.
  • Students that are work-study eligible should check with the JCC campus they are attending to see if there are any open positions available at their campus as soon as they arrive.  There are very few work-study positions available on the JCC campuses and it is not guaranteed there will be one available for a student, even if they are financially eligible.


What is the Cost of Attendance for a D2D student?

All D2D students are billed JCC tuition and fee rates.  D2D Students do pay an extra fee ($13 per credit hour) so they may have access to additional services on both campuses.  Room and Board fees are dependant upon which campus you choose to live. Click Here to see the Cost of Attendance Sheet.


How does the NYS Excelsior Scholarship program work with D2D?

  • Your Excelsior Scholarship award will be directed to the institution where you are matriculated and paying tuition. 


What if I need to withdraw from a class?

  • Any D2D student considering withdrawing from a class first needs to consult with the counselors on the campus in which they are attending classes.


Where do I go with questions about Destination to a Dream?

  • Questions about D2D can be directed to the Office of Admissions at Fredonia; or 800-252-1212.


How does the process to become a D2D student work?

  • First, you apply to SUNY Fredonia
    • If you have not submitted your application to SUNY Fredonia, start by completing the application to Fredonia on either the SUNY Application portal or the Common Application portal. During the admissions process, admissions counselors at Fredonia will identify students who are eligible for the program.

  • Next, you would receive notice you have been accepted to the D2D program
    • The Admission's Office at Fredonia will notify you, by letter, of your acceptance into the D2D program.

  • Then, you would tell us you want to enroll in the D2D program.
    • Accepted D2D students who want to be in the program need to complete and return the D2D Records Release Form to the SUNY Fredonia Admission's Office, as soon as possible.  This form is included with your acceptance letter.  By signing this form, you are allowing SUNY Fredonia to share information from your application and your high school transcript with JCC.

  • Last, JCC will communicate with you about the next steps necessary to complete your enrollment.
    • Fredonia will let JCC know you want to be a D2D Student.  From there, the Admission's Office at JCC will send D2D students a welcome email outlining the "Next Steps" necessary to complete your enrollment.  Please see the D2D Next Steps page to see more details.



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