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"Bachelor’s Opportunities Locally Delivered" lets you earn a SUNY Fredonia degree on the Jamestown Community College campus

SUNY Fredonia has partnered with Jamestown Community College to offer students the opportunity to earn both a two-year and four-year degree in select education and business programs without moving from one campus to the other. 

How it works

A student can attend Jamestown Community College and earn an Associate's Degree. Students can then stay and take classes on the JCC campus through a partnership with SUNY Fredonia for two more years to earn a Bachelor's Degree with the convenience of staying in the southern tier.

SUNY Fredonia professors will teach on the JCC campus and courses will be broadcast simultaneously to the JCC Cattaraugus County Campus.

JCC Program (2 years)  Fredonia Program (2 years) 
A.S. in Childhood Education
A.S. in Early Childhood Education
B.S. in Childhood Inclusive Education
B.S. in Early Childhood/Childhood Education
A.S. in Business Administration B.S. in Business Administration

Apply to JCC to start the A.S.

  1. Apply to JCC. In your application, choose one of the specified JCC programs.
  2. Let your advisor know that you are interested in the JCC+FRED program.
  3. During your last semester before you graduate from JCC, apply to Fredonia as a transfer student with the SUNY or Common Application. If you are enrolled at JCC when you apply, the SUNY application fee is waived. In your application, choose one of the specified Fredonia programs.

Apply as a JCC graduate to start your B.S.

  1. Apply to Fredonia as a transfer student with the SUNY or Common Application. In your application, choose one of the specified Fredonia programs.
  2. As a JCC graduate, you will be automatically considered for the JCC+FRED program. Fredonia Admissions will follow up with you.

Apply to Fredonia    Apply to JCC

  • You must complete an associate's degree at JCC.
  • You must meet and maintain grade point average requirements (varies by major).
  • Students working full time are welcome! Classes are designed for working adults and most courses will be between 4:30 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. on weeknights, or asynchronously as needed. Field placements and internships may occur during the day.
  • "JCC+FRED: BOLD" degrees are full-time cohort programs. In the cohort, you take your courses with the same group of students for two years to complete your bachelor’s degree.

As a JCC student, apply for financial aid through JCC »

As a Fredonia student at JCC, apply for financial aid through Fredonia »

  • All students in this program will receive the Fredonia Transfer Scholarship for $1,500 during their first year in the bachelor's degree program.
  • Students from Pennsylvania with a JCC associate's degree are eligible for Fredonia’s Good Neighbor Program. This program is a $6,000 reduction to out-of-state tuition to make it more affordable.
  • Dave Steiner (Assistant Director of Admissions at Fredonia) is here to assist you. He even hosts office hours on the JCC campus. (by appointment only)
  • 248B Hultquist Building
  • 716-785-4340

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