Welcome students from Medaille University!

SUNY Fredonia has several programs available to Medaille University students to complete their degree.

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SUNY Fredonia is prepared to assist Medaille University students in realizing their dream of a college degree.

SUNY Fredonia has several programs that match programs offered at Medaille:

Undergraduate Programs

SUNY Fredonia is offering undergraduate Medaille University students the Transfer Scholar Award, a $1,500 one-time award to students with at least 12 credits. We will work with students from Medaille that have 75 credits or more to ensure a seamless transfer. 

Graduate Programs

We offer many other options for graduate students, that are either on-campus or online. The SUNY Fredonia graduate faculty will offer Medaille graduate students a generous transfer agreement. Please refer to our Academic Offerings to see what programs we have available. Any questions, please reach out to our admissions office to speak with our graduate counselor.

Transferring to SUNY Fredonia is easy!

Just complete these easy steps.

  1. Send an official transcript:  
    • admissions@fredonia.edu or ... 
    • SUNY Fredonia Admissions Office, 280 Central Ave, 606 Maytum Hall, Fredonia, NY 14063
  2. Fill out this form

Your admissions decision will be mailed to you within 10 days of receiving your transcript and the completed form. 

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