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Keary Howard gives President's Award for Excellence talk Sept. 17

Tuesday September 3, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

Dr. Keary Howard, winner of the 2013 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, will share his thoughts about students in his talk, “Fredonia for Life: A Transformative Learning Experience for All,” on Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 2 p.m. at Rosch Recital Hall. “Together, as a university we, simply put, transform lives,” Howard explained. “Instead of spending time focused on my research, I wanted to talk about students, taking a look at them when they were with us, and then take a look at where they are now.”

James Piorkowski, Evan Drummond, and guitar alumni hold Oasis Guitar Week in Bronx

Tuesday September 3, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

"The focused nature of the week had a potent effect on students' self-accountability and each displayed pride in their accomplishments in their final performances. With the momentum created in the week, the school intends to continue this classical guitar program and further the positive impact it's having on these students."

With research award, Emily VanDette studies 19th century women writers

Tuesday September 3, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

As the recipient of the Helen F. Faust Women Writers Research Travel award from Penn State University to support her research in its Special Collections Libraries, Dr. Emily VanDette of the Department of English made two research trips over the summer to consult archival materials for a new project that examines the legacy of 19th century U.S. women writers in literary history.