Pool testing for employees FAQ

Yes, testing will continue after students return home. Additional dates beyond November 20 have not been published yet.

The test is a self administered swab of the mouth.

All employees that report to work will be tested every two weeks.

No. If an employee is not totally telecommuting or an approved absence – they are in the testing pool

A trained medical professional

Human Resources

By email.

All employees every two weeks.

About a week in advance, since testing for employees is performed twice a week.

Yes, every employee must pre-register and then every time tested.

When completing the registration, you do NOT need to include your personal insurance information.  You can enter “Campus Pays” and “NA” in any of the insurance fields and random numbers in any of the required numerical fields.  You will also need your FredoniaID number “also known as your F number” for one of the registration sections. If you do not know what your F number is, it can be obtained via Your Connect, your department secretary or Human Resources. 

On the day of testing, you must bring your Fredonia ID card and your personal mobile device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) to the collection station. The use of a smartphone will make the process quicker and easier. If you do not have a smart phone or refuse to use it for this purpose, several laptops will be available for your use. Proper PPE (Non-Latex gloves) will be required for use of Campus Laptops.      

Laptops are available at the testing site.

Steele Hall fieldhouse

Yes. The employee testing will occur on different days then students.

There is a minimum three hour window.

Yes. Employees are tested on different days from students.

About three hundred can be accommodated.

Every other week.

If an employee has a scheduled vacation day or approved absence for the day that they are to be tested - they will not be tested that day.  Their next test will be according to their next scheduled test date


No. Employees must participate in our pooling testing process.

In Human Resources. Please note: ONLY positive tests are reported to HR.

Any data will be secured as Category 3 data.

In accordance with any medical employee data

Results come back to campus in 3-5 business days.

Any pool testing positive is immediately then tested with the individual samples.  Any employee positive is then contacted by HR and then the respective county health department will instruct the employee as to future steps

​​​​​​This is not necessary as we have the capability of testing all members of the pool individually

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