Freddy Blue Devil and students with FREDstrong masks

#FREDstrong Promise

The Big Blue Family is getting back together!  We have all missed learning, teaching, working and living on campus and in the community.

Still, the reason for our unprecedented departure from campus last spring remains a concern that everyone has to take seriously. The university is developing plans and protocols to lower the risk of COVID-19 spread, which are based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Governor’s office, and SUNY.

Ultimately though, it’s up to each of us - every member of the Big Blue family - to be #FREDstrong and promise to do what we can to keep each other safe. Fredonia’s Mission Statement talks about the goal of preparing students to be “skilled, connected, creative, and responsible global citizens and professionals.” So make a “#FREDstrong Promise” to each other and each of those pillars:

  • Skilled: promise to strive for academic success, focused on engaging with your professors and classmates in every learning environment provided
  • Connected: promise to stay connected to the people you care about in your extracurricular activities (clubs, organizations, athletics, etc.), but promise to do so in socially-distanced groups or virtually, following Campus Life policies and expectations
  • Creative: promise to search for new and creative ways to solve problems, communicate with each other, and continue to engage in the Fredonia experience and do so safely
  • Responsible: promise to take responsibility for your own health and to consider the health of those around you by:
    • monitoring your health by conducting daily screenings
    • wearing a mask in all buildings on campus
    • practicing social distancing in all academic and life situations (yes, even nights and weekends!)
    • Following the procedures the university puts in place to lower the risk for everyone.

If we are all #FREDstrong, we can keep our Big Blue Family engaged, energized and -  most importantly - safe!  

Make the promise!

Here are some students who have made a promise to be #FREDstrong!

Nicholas D.

Emily M.  "We can do this Fredonia! It's up to us to be #FREDstrong!"

Aaron W. Jordan-Christopher P.
Noehah K. Caleb C.
Donovan G.  Rhyannon D.
Kayla M Megan K
MaryClaire H Jasmyne P.
Matthew W.   "We got this Fredonia!! Stay FREDstrong" Steph B.
Diana S. Amy L.
Kayla S.  Kristen B.
Lauren M. Molly W.
Nathaniel P. Makayla N.
Brianna T. Shayne E.
Will T.     " Be responsible for others safety and your own!" Hailey S.
Sarah V. Hannah G.
Jared B. Aja P.
Ashleigh S. Kelly P. " #fredstrong"
Sam F. Xi Y.
Jacob M. Amber G.
Elizabeth B. Emily K.
Zoe A. Paige R.
Madsen H. " We got this! #FREDstrong" Michaela D.
Cassandra K. Roni L.
Shanty F.  " I Promise!" Ashley N.
Justin B. Dakotah M.
Gabriella C. Kylee Jo L.
Isabella D. Saviere W.
Skylar K. Zach L.
Owen M. Kyle L.
Lisa G. Kory R.
Olivia M. "I’m grateful for the option to be on campus this semester, and I will do my part to keep everybody safe!" Stefanie L.
Elizabeth H. Levi M.
Carol L:.  Amanda M.
Alex F. Nathanael F.
Zachary P.  Emily B.
Mollie M. Stephanie B. " #wegotthis"
Promyss W. Holani H. " Spread Love"
Emma C. Sarah D.
Ashley D. " I promise to do my part in preventing the spread of Covid-19" Gary H. 
Emily S. Maegan K.
Matthew B." I will do my best to encourage those around me to keep the community we are a part of a safe and healthy one" Kaitlyn B.
Karen J. Joshua H. " Thank you for doing this!"
Tiffany L. Charlie M.
Caitlin T. " Let’s do this!" Jessica M.
Hayley K. Lydia V. " I promise to always wear my mask and maintain social distancing"
Heidi H. Shania N.
Alan J. Alexandria P.
Angelea R. Brianna C.
Felicia N. Michaela P.
William D. " FREDstrong, live long!" Alexander E.
Kisha H. Brianna S. " FRED STRONG!!!!!"
Jenna V. Wenhui L.
Alexandria P. Shania N.
Scott F. " This is the easiest way to stay safe in person. Keep yourself and your community safe." Lindsey B.
Joseph M. Nia J.
Ethan D.  Jesseca B.
Mazal K. Emily C.
Joseph M. Kallista R.
Ethan Y. Erin M.  " You can do this! Stay safe for each other!"
Sarah M. Fallon K.
Emily G. Nicholas M.
Faith H. Emma H.
Kaitlyn P. Paige B.
Alexandra B. Devon C.
Melanie R. Madeline T.
Matthew S. Jessica S. " Let’s get through this together and help out others!"
Hailey H. Luke R.
Emma S. Anastasia Y.  
Ariana Qilin L.
Lucian S. Carrie L.
Bri S. Justin K. " I promise to do what is necessary to keep myself and others safe and protected"
Leah A. Barbara W. " My mask helps keep you, your loved ones,and your friends safe. Your masks helps to do the same for me. "
Tianxiao W. Nathaniel S.
Michael B. Rose H.
Tracy B. Natalie H.
Ryan A. Ashley A.
Amelia W. Marycate S.
Andrea V. Immanuel M.
Rebecca T. Sarah S.

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