Testing prior to departing campus


Last week, SUNY announced a testing policy for departing that all students using on-campus facilities in any capacity must test negative for COVID-19 within the 10 days prior to leaving campus and returning to their home communities.  

SUNY Fredonia has developed a plan to allow the most flexible schedule for students to test within the 10 day window. We have revised our testing schedule for the weeks of November 9 and November 16 to accommodate testing everyone (the previously announced testing schedule for November 2 - 6 remains the same). 

Below is the revised schedule. Like before, on-campus students are assigned by residence halls, and off-campus students/employees are assigned based on the first letter of their last name. 

Please note for during the day you are assigned the week of November 9, you can arrive for testing at Steele Hall anytime between 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. OR 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.  

Students ARE REQUIRED to test a minimum of 4 days before leaving campus. This will allow for test results to be obtained prior to students leaving campus for the winter break. 

IMPORTANT: Students, if your scheduled testing date does not meet the 4 day requirement, please contact pooltesting@fredonia.edu or (716) 680-6073 to reschedule for another test day. 

Testing will be busy throughout the week, so we have created a Twitter feed to keep you updated on how busy Steele Hall is.  Please follow @FredPoolTesting on Twitter.

The procedure to notify individuals of positive test results remains the same. Participants whose results are positive will be contacted, by phone, directly by the Student Health Center. For employees, the notification comes from Human Resources. Remember that if your test is negative you will not be notified; only positive test results will be contacted. Students will have the same opportunities to isolate and quarantine on campus as has been in place this semester.

Employees will stay on the same schedule as previously noted until the November break.  

Information on testing for employees and students staying on campus after the November break will be shared later.


Monday November 9:

  • On-campus students:

    • Schulz Hall

    • McGinnies Hall

    • University Townhouses

  • Off-campus students last name that begin with:

    • S

    • K

    • L

Tuesday November 10:

  • On-campus students:

    • Chautauqua Hall

    • Eisenhower Hall

  • Off-campus students last names that begin with:

    • M-P

  • Employees last names that begin with:

    • S-Z

Wednesday November 11:

  • On-campus students:

    • Nixon Hall

    • Hemingway Hall

  • Off-campus students last names that begin with:

    • A-D

    • Z

Thursday November 12:

  • On-campus students:

    • Igoe Hall

    • Alumni Hall

    • University Commons

    • Grissom Hall

  • Off-campus students last names that begin with:

    • E-J

Friday November 13

  • On-campus students:

    • Disney Hall

    • Kasling Hall

    • Gregory Hall

  • Off-campus students last names that begin with:

    • Q-R

    • T-Y

  • Employees last names that begin with:

    • M-R

Tuesday November 17

  • Students: makeup testing if needed

  • Employees last names that begin with:

    • A-L

Friday November 20

  • Students: makeup testing if needed

  • Employees last names that begin with:

    • M-Z


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