Crowned Rubies

Empowering All Women of Color

Program Description

The Crowned Rubies program is designed to provide support and access to resources for students, who identify as women or transwomen of color. We host various workshops and discussions, where we create a safe space in which we discuss many of the struggles as well as possibilities women of color could potentially face and have as they go through their undergraduate journey. These meetings are also designed for our Rubies to get to know one another, bond, and to develop a support system among themselves.


Goals of the Program 

The ultimate goal of the program is to improve the success of women of color at Fredonia. In order to achieve this goal, we attempt the following:

  • Foster a sense of belonging 
  • Create an enviornment that not only provides support for the swoment but educate them on how to support one another. 
  • Provide an outlet to explore themselves, their needs and develop the skills to be successful academical, profesionally and socially.


2019-2020 Crownd Rubies Intern

Deoniss Jackson


Theme for the 2019-2020 Academic Year 

"Unapologetically Me!"

Crowned Rubies Events

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