Key Procedures




Policy 024: Keys and Campus Access Control Policy


All requests for keys shall be approved by the supervisor, chairperson, director, vice president or president for all Faculty, Staff and Students.  Keys will not be issued without proper approval.  All Faculty, Staff and Students shall sign the required key card which shall be kept on file at the Lock Shop located at the Services Complex.

Faculty and Staff shall be given keys to spaces assigned to them. 

All keys will be issued at the Lock Shop to the individual who is requesting such keys. 

Individuals transferring to different locations must return the old keys to the Lock Shop and pick up new keys after obtaining the necessary approvals. 

It is the responsibility of Faculty, Staff and Students who are separating from service, to turn in all keys to the Customer Service Center at the Office of Facilities Services located at the Services Complex. 

Faculty, Staff and Students who enter locked buildings are responsible for securing all doors they use. 

All lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately upon discovery to the Customer Service Center (x3452) at the Office of Facilities Services located at the Services Complex. 

Duplication of keys is not permitted.  The Lock Shop staff are the only personnel allowed to install or change locks and/or cut and issue keys. 

Keys should never be left unattended.

Keys should never be shared or loaned to others.


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