Alternate Format Textbook Requests

Students with documented disabilities that interfere with their ability to effectively utilize standard print materials may receive textbooks in alternate formats as a reasonable accommodation. Eligibility is determined on case-by-case basis, based on review of appropriate documentation. To request textbooks in alternate formats, students must contact the Coordinator of Disability Support Services for Students to complete the “Alternate Format Textbook Request Form”.

The time required to meet request for textbooks in alternate formats is dependent upon the time of semester, the format requested and availability. Students are encouraged to request textbooks in advance of the start of the semester in which materials are required. A delay in requesting textbooks in alternate formats may result in a delay in materials being provided. Every effort will be made to complete requests in a timely manner.

Formats provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Braille
  • Digital Talking Books (Learning Ally)
  • Electronic Text
  • MP3

Every effort will be made to obtain textbooks in the format requested by the student. Alternatives will be considered based on availability and timeliness of delivery.

Students receiving alternate format textbooks through the Office of Disability Support Services for Students are required to purchase each text requested and provide proof of purchase prior to receiving alternate format materials. Students must also sign an “Agreement on the Use of Recorded, Electronic or Other Alternatively Formatted Course Material”. All materials should be returned to the DSS office at the end of the semester.

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