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Sunday, June 11

The Chautauqua County Health Department has lifted the boil water order for all village of Fredonia water customers. 

Several departments on campus are now working to flush out various systems to return to normal operations. For example, Facilities Services will flush water lines, fire hydrants, etc., and replace filters. FSA will resume normal offerings at locations like Starbucks and Cranston Marche once proper cleaning and sterilization has been completed. 


Boil Water Order (posted June 8, 2023)

The Boil Water Order remains in effect for village of Fredonia water customers, including SUNY Fredonia. The Office of Residence Life and the Division of Finance and Administration have coordinated water distribution to summer session students and summer guests staying in the residence halls. 

Cranston Marche is boiling water for service and will be operating as normal today. Starbucks will also be open today, but will temporarily be limited to non-iced beverages.

The weekly FSA summer lunch BBQ on the Williams Center patio scheduled for today is cancelled.

We will send another message if campus water distribution plans change or when the order is lifted. 

For reference, Wednesday's announcement from the Chautauqua County Health Department is below.

MAYVILLE, N.Y – The Chautauqua County Health Department has issued a boil water order for all Village of Fredonia water customers, including those that live outside of the Village in the Town of Pomfret.

A disruption at the water treatment plant led to water with elevated levels of turbidity entering the distribution system; this water could contain harmful microbes. Boiling the water kills bacteria and other microbes that may be present. All Fredonia water customers must boil water used for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth and making coffee until further notice. Water must be brought to a rolling boil for one minute then cooled prior to use.

Boiled or bottled water must be used to wash dishes by hand; dishes should be allowed to completely air dry after washing. Home dishwashers that reach a temperature of 170⁰F and have a full dry cycle do not need boiled or bottled water. The water may be used for bathing as long as it is not consumed. The water is safe for laundry.

Once turbidity levels have fallen to acceptable levels the Village will collect water samples on consecutive days to make sure the water is safe. Notifications and press releases will be used to inform the public when the boil water order is lifted.

For more information, please contact the Village of Fredonia at 716-679-2307 or the Chautauqua County Health Department at 716-753-4481. Please visit the New York State Department of Health website at for more information on Boiling Water and Emergency Disinfection.

For all on-campus emergencies (police, fire, medical) contact University Police instead of 911!

Calling University Police for on-campus emergencies provides a faster response time than calling 911!

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