Exam Accommodations

Testing rooms are available in the Learning Center (Reed Library – Fourth Floor) for students registered with the DSS office. Students should discuss exam accommodations with their instructors in advance of scheduled exams. Instructors who are able to provide exam accommodations in an effective manner are encouraged to do so. Students should contact the DSS Coordinator as soon as possible if mutually agreed upon arrangements cannot be made.

Students requesting to take exams in the Learning Center with accommodations:
  1. Contact the Learning Center to schedule an exam 1 week but no less than 2 business days prior to a scheduled exam. Students may schedule exams by email (disability.services@fredonia.edu), by phone (716-673-3550) or in person with the Learning Center Secretary.

Please note that staff does not maintain 24/7 access to email. Exam requests received outside of regular business hours (8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday) will be processed the following business day. DO NOT email individual staff to schedule exams.

  1. Exams are confirmed by email to the student and the instructor. Students should also follow up with their instructors to confirm arrangements.
  1. At scheduled time, students report to the Learning Center, unless informed otherwise.

Exam Scheduling: Every effort is made to schedule exams for the same date/time as the class. In some cases, due to extended time or testing room availability, an alternative time may be necessary. Students requesting to take an exam on an alternate date/time must receive approval, in writing, from the instructor.

Exam Delivery: Exams may be emailed to disability.services@fredonia.edu or dropped off to the Learning Center. To arrange an exam pick-up, please notify the DSS office prior to the date of the exam. Campus Mail is NOT a reliable option for exam delivery.

Exam Return: Exams will be returned by Learning Center staff or work-study students to either the department secretary or the instructor. A receiving signature is required. Generally, exams are returned the same day they are completed. Exams completed after 4:00pm will be returned the following business day.

Back-to-Back Classes and Other Conflicts: In cases where students have back-to-back classes, the DSS office may schedule the exam for an alternate time in order to accommodate for extended time at the discretion of the DSS Coordinator. Students should discuss any conflicts with the DSS Coordinator prior to the scheduled exam.

Evening Exams: Testing rooms are available in the Learning Center for students requiring exam accommodations, Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm. Students requesting exam accommodations for evening course (after 5:00pm), should contact their instructors prior to a scheduled exam to discuss arrangements. This may include taking exams in the Learning Center during regular business hours. Students should contact the DSS Coordinator as soon as possible, if appropriate arrangements cannot be agreed upon.

Exam Rescheduling: If exams cannot be taken at the Learning Center on the same date/time as the class, students will need to obtain permission from their instructor. Students will not be permitted to reschedule exams without written approval.

Quizzes: Students should contact their instructors to make arrangements for quizzes. If mutually agreed upon arrangements cannot be made, students/faculty should contact the DSS office. Students may take quizzes in the Learning Center if necessary.

Online Exams/Quizzes: Faculty administering online exams/quizzes can adjust time for students requiring extended time. Please contact the DSS office for more information. Students wishing to take online exams/quizzes in the Learning Center should contact the DSS Coordinator to make arrangements.

No-Show Policy: Students arriving more than 20 minutes late for a scheduled exam will NOT be permitted to take their exam without approval from their instructor. Students will be referred to their instructor.

Exam Security: Learning Center testing rooms are monitored by security cameras. If a student is found cheating or if there is evidence of cheating, the following actions will occur:

  1. The exam will be stopped immediately.
  2. The instructor will be notified.
  3. All exam materials will be collected and turned over, along with any evidence/incident report, to the faculty member or department chair for further action.

In addition, the following measures will be taken to help ensure the integrity of exams taken in the Learning Center:

  • Exams emailed to the DSS office are deleted.
  • Exams are stored in a locked cabinet until scheduled exam time.
  • DSS testing room computers are NOT connected to the internet.
  • Only materials approved the instructor are permitted for use during exam administration.
  • The following materials are not permitted during exam administration:
    • Cell-phones, MP3 players, USB drives and other electronic devices
    • Coats, backpacks, purses and other personal items.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the testing area during exam administration. Students requiring breaks during the exam should discuss with the DSS coordinator prior to the start of the exam. Students who leave the testing area run the risk of having their exam stopped and returned to their instructor.

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