Notetaker Accommodations

Notetaker accommodations are approved by the Office of Disability Support Services for Students and are provided to students with documented disabilities that interfere with their ability to take notes in classes. Notetaker accommodations are not considered a substitute for a student’s full participation in classes. DSS hires qualified notetakers to provide a copy of their notes to students approved for notetaker accommodations. Qualified notetakers are students who are registered in the same course and section as the student requiring notetaker accommodations who volunteers to be a notetaker. Notetakers are paid a stipend per course, per semester and can be referred by the student, instructor or the DSS office. Students are encouraged to work directly with their notetakers to obtain notes. Assistance in identifying notetakers is available for students requiring assistance.

Requesting Notetaker Accommodations

  1. Student contacts the DSS office to request notetaker accommodations each semester which accommodations are required. Students are encouraged to contact DSS to request notetakers during the first 2 weeks of classes. Students are encouraged to attend classes first, in order to determine which classes will require notetaker accommodations.
  2. Notetakers should be referred to the DSS office in order to complete employment paperwork. Notetakers can be referred by students and/or instructors. If the student is unable to locate a qualified notetaker or requires assistance, the DSS office will contact the instructor to assist in recruiting potential notetakers.
  3. Once a notetaker is hired, DSS will email the student making the request with the notetaker’s name and email address. Students are encouraged to work directly with their notetaker to obtain notes. DSS can provide notetakers with carbonless paper to help facilitate the delivery of notes in a timely manner. Students should discuss their preferred method for receiving notes with the coordinator at the time the request is made so that alternative arrangements can be made, if necessary.

Students should notify the DSS office as soon as possible of any issues pertaining to notetaker accommodations so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Alternatives to Notetakers: If notetakers cannot be identified, the DSS office will work with the instructor and the student to identify appropriate alternatives.

Smartpens: DSS has a limited number of SmartPens and notebooks available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis.

Use of a Laptop, Permission to Record Lectures

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