Housing Accommodations

The office of Disability Support Services for Students (DSS) works with the Office of Residence Life to provide housing accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. Students requesting housing accommodations on the basis of a disability, must register with the DSS office and provide documentation of a disability. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis dependent on the nature and degree of severity of the individual’s disability.

Please be advised that single rooms are provided for individuals who document substantial needs and for whom living with a roommate is not viable, even after other accommodations are factored in.

Room Rates

When documentation shows that a private room or other room modification is necessary to meet the housing needs of the student, Fredonia will consider exceptions to its general room rate structure.

Documentation Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided in the interest of assuring that documentation is appropriate to verify eligibility and to support requests for reasonable accommodations, adjustments and/or aids and services on the basis of a disability that currently, substantially limits one or more major life activities. Students are responsible for the costs associated with obtaining documentation.

  • A clear diagnostic statement of the medical or physical condition or disorder;
  • The current impact of (or limitations imposed by) the condition;
  • Treatments, medications, devices or services currently prescribed or used to mitigate the impact of the condition; and
  • The expected duration, stability or progression of the condition.

In addition to the documentation guidelines provided, recommendations from the treating professional are welcome and will be given consideration in evaluating a request but the final determination regarding an accommodation will be determined by the College. Recommendations should:

  • Provide a clear description of the recommended housing accommodation;
  • Explain how the recommended accommodation will mitigate the condition;
  • Include possible alternatives to the recommended accommodation; and
  • Include a statement of the level of need for (or consequences of not receiving) the recommended accommodation.

Documentation Guidelines for Emotional Support Animal in Residence Halls

  • Documentation must be submitted to the Office of Disability Support Services;

  • Documentation must be on letterhead from a licensed mental health provider (e.g. licensed mental health counselor, licensed clinical social worker, licensed marriage & family therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist) who can validate the existence of an established relationship with the student;

  • Licensed mental health provider must be from New York state or from the state of the student’s permanent residence.  Documentation from online providers will not be accepted;

  • Documentation must include diagnosis, and specific reasons that an emotional support animal is necessary (i.e. a nexus between the accommodation and the disability).

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