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SUNY Fredonia's graduate program in mathematics education does more than just educate the expert teachers of tomorrow. We nurture the wonderment of mathematics' relationship to the world around us so that the love of learning will become a lifelong affair. Completion of this program meets the advanced degree requirement for individuals seeking Professional Certification in New York State to teach mathematics at the Middle Childhood level (grades 5 - 9) or at the Adolescence level (grades 7 - 12).

The degree comprises 30 hours of graduate coursework and the completion of a final project.

Admission Requirements

  • A completed graduate application.
  • Initial certification in New York State in Adolescence Education - Mathematics, with a bachelor's degree in mathematics that includes courses equivalent to MATH 210, 223, 323, 331, and at least two of MATH 341, STAT 350, and MATH 381.
  • Initial certification in New York State in Middle Childhood Education - Mathematics Specialist, with a bachelor's degree in mathematics that includes courses equivalent to MATH 123, 210, 231, 341, 381, MAED 301, 302, 303, and a statistics course.


Program Requirements

The program requires a minimum of 30 credit hours at the graduate level distributed as follows. The student's advisor or the department chairperson must approve any course used to fulfill the requirements below:

  • A course in research methods
  • A minimum of three courses covering three of the following categories:
    • historical, philosophical or comparative foundations of education
    • design and evaluation of mathematics curricula
    • instructional methods
    • use of educational technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics
    • psychological foundations of education
  • A minimum of four courses covering four of the following categories:
    • algebra or analysis
    • geometry or topology
    • number theory, probability or statistics
    • history or philosophy of mathematics
    • applications of mathematics
    • any approved course in mathematics
  • MAED 602 Mathematics Education Seminar
  • MAED 690 Graduate Project
Total Credit Hours: 30


Additional Resources

Dr. Keary Howard, Program Coordinator
Department of Mathematics website
College of Education website

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