Dance Studio Administration

Ms. Angelika Summerton, Coordinator
Theatre and Dance
147 Dods Hall
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A dance studio can provide income as a part-time business or quickly grow into a larger private enterprise. The success is closely tied to the efficient and successful administration of the business and a long-standing personal relationship with its surrounding community. There are various styles of dance studios possible that can be tailored easily to the demands of the customer base or the creative endeavors of the proprietor. Good interpersonal communication and efficient organization are the backbone of such a community-oriented business. The Interdisciplinary Studies minor in Dance Studio Administration will provide the student with the necessary education, preparation and confidence to take the step into the direction of private ownership. Skills acquired in this program are transferable to other disciplines as well such as theater and other performing arts.

The Interdisciplinary Studies minor in Dance Studio Administration is comprised of courses from a variety of disciplines. The minor can complement any major, and is open to all students on campus.

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