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School of Music
New Horizons Band of Western New York

School of Music
Mason Hall
The State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3151

New Horizons Band of Western New York

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The New Horizons Band of Western New York provides opportunities for "chronologically gifted" adults (50 and older) to learn to play a musical instrument and enjoy playing with others. Former players wishing to "reacquaint" themselves with their instruments and novices can join at any time.  For only a few dollars per session, you will receive instruction in group lessons, band rehearsals and music.

No previous background in music or on a instrument is necessary to join. Members can testify that it is possible to learn to play an instrument as a senior adult! Playing in a group is just too much fun to leave it all to the younger kids. Information about the New Horizons Project can be found at

Participants must provide their own instruments in good repair. No audition is required for membership. Group lessons/ensemble rehearsals and band rehearsals are on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 3-5 pm in Mason Hall on The State University of New York at Fredonia campus.  During the first hour, Fredonia music education students provide sectional instruction. The entire band will be rehearsed during the second hour under the direction of Dr. Katherine Levy.

Dr. Katherine M. Levy, associate professor of music education at Fredonia, serves as the New Horizons Band conductor. Dr. Levy has conducted New Horizons Bands in Iowa and Georgia, and she founded a New Horizons Band in Hagerstown, MD.  

For more information, please contact Janet Stout: (716) 549-3386, email

Registration Form and Calendar of Rehearsals

2015-16 New Horizons Band Calendar & Registration Form (PDF)

New Horizons Band
New Horizons Band Holiday Concert 2011

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